How Often Should You Get Your Chimney Inspected

Although the heating season is not current, the issue of chimney maintenance is always present. Chimneys should be cleaned during the heating season, but also before the start of the season – because, during the summer, a cobweb is created in the chimney – which sometimes doesn’t allow enough combustion. Chimney cleaning also increases the efficiency of the heating system in the household. But have you ever wondered how often you should check your chimney? In this text, you’ll find out what it takes to have proper chimney maintenance.

Solid Fuels Heating Requires A Chimney

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The association to the autumn-winter idyll is a favorite of many of us favorite hot drinks, soft blankets, and a crackling fire in the fireplace while it is getting dark and raining outside. If you opt for a solid fuel stove or a fireplace, it can look very nice aesthetically and give your home a note of romance. This option of heating is recommended for houses – due to the complexity of the construction itself, or because they heat a larger space with quality. By the way, the most sought after are fireplaces that can heat an average of about 200 cubic meters, which means about 80 square meters, and a standard height of two and a half meters. Summer is the ideal time to check the condition and efficiency of fireplaces, stoves, and chimneys – to save them in time for the next heating season. But what is it we need to do?

Chimney Maintenance: What You Need To Know?

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Chimney maintenance is extremely important, both during the summer and during the winter. In the cold period and during the heating season – it is very important that the chimney functions smoothly. If problems and malfunctions occur, it is necessary to repair the damage. Chimneys are often completely secondary to all house tenants and they don’t even think about them until a problem arises. When planning the renovation or installation of thermal insulation – chimneys are a completely secondary and “less important” item. Old chimneys that are not maintained on time – can cause several problems. If you don’t deal with this problem on time, even greater issues can come up. So if you want to solve any problem – now is the right time. Try to make everything on time so you can light a fire in your home during the winter. Because fireplaces and fires are there to beautify the ambiance and make you feel safe and warm.

How Does A Chimney Malfunction Occur?

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Chimneys are an integral part of every home. As with any other component of the home, it is necessary to invest money in them – and renovate if there is a need for it. Like when you’re painting the house or changing the windows – you also have to take care of the airflow through the chimney and clean it on time. The dilapidation of the chimney is reflected in several details. First of all, you should pay attention to the flow, as well as whether there are wet and dark spots on it. If there is a crack – it is a sure sign that renovation is necessary. The deposition of soot and resin on the walls of the chimney can cause great discomfort. Also, a very common problem that occurs is that the chimney is leaking – and the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the home is possible. A problem in the chimney can also cause the fire not to burn well.

How Often Should You Get Your Chimney Inspected?

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Timely maintenance and repair of the chimney are necessary! However, if you don’t do it on time – the problem is not unsolvable! According to doctorchimney.com – it is necessary to check the chimney at least once or twice a year. If you notice a problem, do not delay the solution, but act immediately! In companies that deal with chimney service, you can find everything you need to repair chimneys and solve problems. In addition, to complete chimney systems, you can also choose spare parts for the chimney system and call in experts to do it for you.

Professional and experienced chimney sweeps are trained to perform maintenance of flue structures and devices, providing professional and reliable:

  • Mechanical cleaning to remove coatings from cleaning surfaces (on burners, fireboxes, smoke connections, and chimneys), which are caused by the use of firebox and flue systems and devices.
  • Dry cleaning with removal of linings from cleaning surfaces (on burners, fireboxes, smoke connections, and chimneys), with the help of chemical agents.

Regular Chimney Maintenance Is The Best Prevention

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Insufficient and irresponsible maintenance of chimneys can lead to many dangers such as a fire. For the chimney to perform its function properly – it needs to be properly and regularly maintained. Each chimney must have maintaining and cleaning doors at the top of the flue and the bottom. Doors must be made of non-combustible materials. Before the start of the heating season – it is necessary to repair all the observed damage to the chimney. It is also advisable to place a cap on top of the chimney as protection from unfavorable wind currents.

Challenges Of Modern Chimney Maintenance

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In the 21st century, chimney maintenance is facing new challenges and new areas of work and protection. A well-organized and professional chimney sweep service – by providing services to all owners of flue systems and combustion devices as well as ventilation ducts and devices contributes to:

1. Reducing the number of fires – control and regular maintenance of flue systems, combustion devices, and ventilation ducts and devices save lives and health and avoid material damage.

2. Reducing environmental pollution – by reducing emissions of harmful combustion products, regular system maintenance, and reducing fuel consumption.

3. Save on fuel consumption – regular cleaning of chimneys, combustion devices, and optimization of thermal power plants.

4. Healthier food preparation – by cleaning and maintaining the ventilation of fatty fumes.

5. Cleaner indoor air and less respiratory disease – by cleaning and maintaining air-conditioning systems.

6. A cleaner environment – waste management reduces environmental pollution.

7. Minor illness of citizens – by reducing the environmental pollution.

8. Reducing costs in health care and greater work efficiency – as a consequence of less illness of citizens.

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