6 Home Maintenance Tasks You’ll Regret If You Forget

For many people, their house is their pride. They invest lots of money into it, but also effort and time to make everything tip-top. If you are one of those people whose home is tip-top, congratulations because you sure have a fantastic one. But you know how much work it takes. You must have at least once thought that it would be easier for you to live in an apartment and that you do not have to do anything but vacuum and clean the bathroom.

Yet most who live in a house love just that and would never really trade for an apartment. But despite all the commitment to maintaining the perfect condition of the house, there are still tasks that you often happen to forget. Some of them are less important and, for example, have more of an impact on aesthetics, which is not so important. But there are also those tasks that you will regret if you forget. What are these tasks, read below.

1. Chimney cleaning and maintenance

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If you heat your home using wood or if you have a wood-burning fireplace, then a chimney is something you need to take care of. It is very dangerous to neglect the highest part of your house. It should be cleaned once a year, after the heating season, so during the spring. It’s not bad to do another inspection before you start lighting the fireplace again, that is, in early autumn. If you fail to do that, you risk very serious problems. Ash that accumulates in the chimney can lead to a fire. Also, carbon monoxide can be partially returned to the house instead of going out completely, which can lead to poisoning with this gas. So for that reason, we listed the chimney as first on our list. You can do the chimney cleaning yourself or call in professionals.

2. Check that the alarms are in working condition

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Even though you have cleaned the chimney and prevented the possibility of a fire threatening you from that side, there is never enough security for you and your family. Probably the main devices in our house in charge of security are alarms. First of all, an alarm that detects smoke. And then alarms that will alert you if someone tries to break into your house. Both types of alarms are necessary for a safe life. Even though everyone installs them, many forget to check if they work. So you should test them at least once a year, and even better to do it more often. Check that they are working and if their battery may need to be replaced if they are running on batteries. Only then will you know if the alarms are really guarding you or not having any effect even though they are installed.

3. Gutter cleaning

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When you think about the important tasks related to the house, you often forget about the gutters, because most do not even know how important their proper functioning actually is. The reason is probably that people think that the only thing that can happen if they don’t clean the gutters is that water flows through them slower and that’s all. But they do not know what the consequences are. Consequences can be from damage to the gutters themselves to damage to the roof, walls, windows, basement, and foundations. They can also damage your garden and driveway. If you want to avoid replacing gutters, tiles, timbers, then that you do not have to paint because your walls are cracked, as well as not to turn your yard into a lake during a storm, then this is among the most important tasks. You can do it yourself, but if you do not have all the necessary equipment, we recommend that you leave it to professionals, just like when maintaining a chimney because both can be potentially dangerous tasks. Check this website for more info about gutter cleaning.

4. Oven cleaning

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For some reason, people very rarely clean their ovens. And that’s something we use every day and where the greases and smells of all the food we prepare are retained. So when we turn on the oven, it very often has an unpleasant smell on the various things we have prepared, especially the smell of fish lingers for a long time. Dirt affects the temperature it produces, and can also negatively affect the taste of the food you prepare.

That is why it is necessary to make sure that it is crystal clear at least once a month. You can use different chemicals for cleaning, but since they are unhealthy, then it is better to use baking soda or something similar. If you do this once a year, then you will definitely need chemicals because you will not be able to get rid of all the grease and odors in any other way.

No matter whether you live in a large or a small house, an oven is something everyone has. According to Absolute Tiny Houses, cleaning your oven can be one of the most demanding tasks if you choose to live in a tiny home, instead of a large one. And that’s one of the reasons people choose to do it – maintenance. For tiny homes, maintenance of the entire house can be done in just an hour or two and you can completely forget some of the things we mention here.

5. Inspect your yard

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When we say you need to inspect your yard, we mean the different jobs you need to do. First, if you have trees, check-in detail that all the branches seem safe to you, and if you notice that it seems rotten or has got entangled in electrical installations, call a professional. Then check for nests of some insects or rodents in the yard, basement, and attic. They can find all sorts of places to hide, but you have to make sure they don’t go unnoticed. As soon as you notice a mosquito, wasp, or mouse nest, call for rodent control or insect services.

6. Change filters

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Whether you have an HVAC system or not, there are certainly a few devices that need regular filter replacement. If you have HVAC then you know that it is a system that must function perfectly in order for you to have heating, cooling, and clean air. Therefore, you need to change the filters regularly. If you do not have HVAC, you should definitely replace the filters on the air conditioner, kitchen hood, and the like.


If you forget to do any of these tasks, you will surely bear the consequences of your negligence. It was small consequences such as an unpleasant smell and a higher electricity bill, all the way to very serious things like a fire. So do everything you should right away, and for what you can’t do alone, don’t wait, but call professionals.

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