Lifecycles of How Not to Ruin a New Relationship – 8 Mistakes You Make in 2024

Today men from different countries are very attracted to ukranian brides. Girls and women from different regions of Ukraine differ not only in the beauty that nature has given them. They are educated, they know how to present themselves in society, take care of themselves, and what is important, they are excellent housewives, wives and mothers.

A new acquaintance is always a mystery. No one can predict what the outcome will be. Many people dream that the relationship will be long-lasting and bring happiness, but that is not always the case. It’s no secret that a relationship is a collaboration between two partners. There are many factors that go into building a relationship. But the main one is that both in a couple should strive to build a future together, not to pull the blanket over each other.

What not to do in a relationship with a new bride

Ukranian brides are more suitable than anyone else for the role of wife or companion. They know how to support their man in achieving his goals, to inspire and guide him. But, still, you should be aware of what you should not do. Understanding and knowing this will not only prolong the new relationship, but also make it happy for both partners.

1. Attempts to change a person


At the beginning of a relationship we see only good things in our other half. But after a while, something begins to dislike, something just annoys. And some couples in such situations try to change their partner for their own convenience, to make him the one who will fit perfectly. But you have to understand some things:

  • It is important to know that even in couples where love and understanding have reigned for years, not everything is always smooth, because there are no perfect people. What can you say about a relationship that is only a few months old?
  • It is impossible to love absolutely all the manifestations of a person who is still a stranger! Some of them are nice and close, others are an irritant. Even if the couple have common ideas and interests, everyone’s temperament may be different.
  • It also happens very often that being around is comfortable, but there is nothing to talk about. In such cases, the hope of changing one’s partner does not fade, because everyone strives to create the most comfortable environment for themselves.
  • It is attempts to change the other person that soon lead to the breakup of a couple, and this has already killed many relationships. In fact, these are small things, but very destructive. The best thing to do in this case is to change your attitude towards the peculiarities of your companion, because in many cases you can simply put up with most of them.

2. Self-centeredness

This character trait is inherent in many men and women. With it, partners consider only their personal desires, do not listen to the other half, and do not respond to attempts to have a frank conversation.

This pattern of behavior is destructive. Egocentrism is one of the main factors that leads to the collapse of a relationship, after which one of the partners, or even both, may experience suffering.

3. Partner Criticism


If this happens on a regular basis, prepare for the fact that the relationship will end sooner or later. Even seemingly harmless jokes on your partner, if they are present all the time, will lead to a collapse.

Abrupt remarks, constant discontent and criticism, which is often unfounded, destroy mutual respect between partners. And without this it is impossible to build a long and happy relationship.

4. Irresponsibility

A happy relationship is not possible in a couple where one partner cannot rely on the other. Both men and women need a strong rear and want to rely on their partner. Mutual support is very important in a couple.

Reliability of the partner, confidence in him and his help, regardless of the situation, allows you to get rid of many problems with minimal losses. Conversely, if one of the couple is unreliable, promises and does not do, can evaporate in any difficult situation, it is impossible to be happy next to such a person.

5. Insincerity


Mutual understanding, sincerity – are the basis of a happy relationship. And many people know not by word of mouth that it is impossible to build them without trust. Suspicion always generates jealousy, aggressive behavior.

If a woman or man regularly lies to his or her significant other and is insincere in expressing his or her feelings, the relationship will be toxic and uncomfortable.

The reason for jealousy is not necessarily another man/woman. Often jealous of a favorite hobby, friends, or work. But no matter what the cause, jealousy has always been and always will be destructive. If you are haunted by this feeling, the best solution is to discuss the problem. It is important to talk to your partner, and find out all the circumstances, but without grudges and claims.

6. Various interests

The mismatch of hobbies in a couple is a problem, though not a critical one. Each of the partners, of course, should have their own hobbies that allow them to be in their own personal space. It is important not to ridicule each other’s hobbies, not to show your irritation, but to understand and praise.

But for a happy relationship it is also important that the partners have common interests and activities. In this way, the couple will have common topics of conversation, which helps to strengthen the relationship.

7. Influence of external stimuli


Excessive emotion has repeatedly led to the breakup of many couples. What are emotions? They are labels attached to reactions and body chemistry. They are influenced by hormones, the time of year, biorhythms, etc. For example, regular lack of sleep, a stressful work environment, and constant stress often lead to one partner snapping at the other.

In order to avoid this, you should learn how to manage your emotions (you can do this with the help of various practices and meditations). This will make it possible to avoid problems on the spot, and to preserve the relationship.

8. Don’t crush your dreams

Once you realize that you have met your man, you begin a serious relationship that later leads to the creation of a family. At the beginning of a relationship, it is important to talk about the future together, discuss dreams and make plans. Even if your partner’s beginnings are seemingly crazy, it’s important to support him or her.

There is no need to categorically state that this or that venture is a waste of time and does not appeal to you in any way. To keep the warmth and tenderness in the relationship, you should not discourage your partner from pursuing his cherished dream. This is a manifestation of selfishness.

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