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CS:GO Betting: How To Analyze A Bookmaker’s Odds

When starting your adventure with CS:GO betting, you should know how to handle the whole game. You need to handle all aspects to expect a positive outcome.

In this article, we will try to figure out how things work here. How to analyze CS:GO odds? What to focus on when selecting the best option? And how do esports matches with live scores function?

To achieve success in CS:GO odds or odds in any other discipline, you should approach the match and analyze CS:GO odds from bookies. Such skills are not developed with ease. So starting from something small can help you achieve initial success.

Reading Team’s Results

The first aspect to consider is a particular team’s results from the latest matches. This is important for developing analysis and moving to smaller aspects of matches that influence their outcome.

You can explore the results of recent matches in multiple ways. For example, you can analyze a large pool of games or the score of the games played by teams. We view the results as a whole, considering the general tendency of the teams and their productivity at a particular event after seeing the recent CS GO news.

Checking the Team’s Lineup

A team’s ability to end up with great results is known as the lineup. It’s hard to deny this very fact thinking about its impact on CS:GO odds in any tournament.

A team with a few reported changes most likely demonstrate a lower result. At the same time, a team with a stable roster has more chances to succeed. Of course, the player’s skill level in comparison to other teams shouldn’t be ignored in any case.

When looking at the roster of teams, you should also check the form and traits of the players themselves. One player leaving does not always end up with negative results at the beginning: new faces in the team can lead to cause more adrenaline.

Reading Person and LAN Matches

Another crucial thing that helps to “read” CS:GO odds from bookies is the match background and personal combats of the teams. With the competitive CS:GO, this factor happens to be of great importance.

In separate cases, one team may have a better performance than another. Navi had a worse result compared to G2 in the 2022/2024 season. This happens and this must be taken into account to have a complete picture of the recent situation.

Another success aspect comes into play here. The team that has a winning series and beats all rivals can lose in a relatively easy match due to the rival being inconvenient.

Understanding How Esports Matches Work


The structure of esports matches is a crucial element of the betting process. It can be different, which affects the evaluation of bookmakers. For example, odds in B1 happen to be higher than in B2 and especially B3 due to various things that occur in the game. Winning one map from a favourite reminds nothing but closing an entire series.

At the latter level of the tournament, the figures are usually much more organized as the teams have undergone a lot of challenges and have got a series of victories behind their back. This is easily noticed at the esports event where the final stages involve battles between the best teams.

Analyzing a Live Score

Esports matches with live scores surely contribute to accurate betting activities. For a continuous analysis of the game, you need to understand CS:GO in detail.

The live score is based on the beginning of the game and the future prospects. A lot of nuances contribute to this: loss of the team in a gun session, rivals winning a session, and a streak of points taken over a row.

Another significant point for live score is: switching sides. Competitive CS:GO includes attack and defence processes, which turn out to be the key role for some teams. If a team loses 5-1 as a weak rival, it is necessary to check the odds. In this context, an ability to analyze matches with live scores can enhance the possibility of success of your CS:GO bets. The more information you obtain, the higher your success chance.

Comparing Bookmaker’s Odds and Finding Value Bets


Here are some key steps to compare bookmaker’s odds and find value bets:

  1. Understand the Concept of Value: Value exists when the odds offered by a bookmaker are higher than the implied probability of an outcome. This means that if you believe the probability of a team winning is higher than what the odds suggest, you have identified a value bet.
  2. Research Multiple Bookmakers: It’s crucial to compare odds across different bookmakers as they may have slightly different opinions on the probabilities of outcomes. Look for reputable bookmakers that offer competitive odds and a wide range of markets for CS:GO matches.
  3. Calculate Implied Probabilities: Convert the bookmaker’s odds into implied probabilities using the appropriate formula. For decimal odds, divide 1 by the odds. For example, if the odds are 2.50, the implied probability is 1/2.50 = 0.40 or 40%. Do this for each outcome to determine the bookmaker’s perceived likelihood.
  4. Evaluate Your Own Probability: Based on your analysis, estimate the probability of each outcome occurring. Consider factors such as team performance, recent form, head-to-head records, map statistics, and any other relevant information. This subjective assessment forms the basis for identifying value bets.
  5. Compare Probabilities and Odds: Compare your estimated probabilities with the bookmaker’s implied probabilities. If your calculated probability is higher than the bookmaker’s implied probability, it indicates potential value.
  6. Look for Discrepancies: Identify situations where there is a significant difference between your assessed probability and the bookmaker’s implied probability. These disparities can present value betting opportunities.
  7. Assess Market Movement: Monitor the odds before the match starts. If you notice a significant shift in the odds, it may indicate that the betting market is adjusting based on new information or trends. Analyze whether the market movement aligns with your own assessment of the probabilities.
  8. Keep Track of Results: Maintain a record of your bets and track the outcomes. This will help you evaluate the accuracy of your probability assessments and identify areas for improvement.
  9. Practice Bankroll Management: Even with value bets, there is always an element of uncertainty. Implement a sound bankroll management strategy to minimize risks and ensure long-term sustainability.

You must understand that the analysis of the odds of CS:GO matches is quite a challenging routine with multiple variables. You need to target it properly and make it involved in the research. This is when your chance to succeed may go up.

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