Avoid Making These 12 Mistakes if You Want to Succeed in Solitaire

Avoid Making These 12 Mistakes if You Want to Succeed in Solitaire

Solitaire is a classic card game that people of all ages have enjoyed for generations. It’s a game of strategy, logic, and patience. While the rules of solitaire are simple, there are common mistakes that players often make that can hinder their progress and decrease their chances of winning. Here are some key mistakes to avoid when playing solitaire:

1. Not Planning

Not Planning


One of the players’ biggest mistakes is not planning ahead. Free online Solitaire requires careful planning and foresight. Before you make any move, consider the potential impacts. Search for moves that will open up more cards and create opportunities for future moves. A move that might be tempting in the short term might not be the best choice in the long run.

2. Moving Cards without A Clear Strategy

It’s easy to get caught up in moving cards around the tableau without a clear plan. Before making any move, ask yourself what your ultimate goal is. Are you trying to reveal hidden cards? Are you building a foundation pile? A strategy will help guide your decisions and increase your chances of success.

3. Overlooking Hidden Cards

One of the main objectives of solitaire is to reveal hidden cards. Sometimes, players focus too much on moving cards in the tableau and forget to prioritize revealing the hidden cards in the stockpile. Always check the stockpile before making a move in the tableau. Revealing new cards might open up valuable opportunities.

4. Filling Empty Spaces Too Quickly

Filling Empty Spaces Too Quickly


Empty spaces in the tableau can be both a blessing and a curse. While they provide flexibility to move cards around, filling them too quickly can limit your options. Be cautious when filling empty spaces, and consider if the card you’re moving is necessary for your strategy. Leaving some empty spaces can give you more room to maneuver and create sequences.

5. Ignoring Suit Sequences

Building suit sequences is a key game aspect in most solitaire variants. Ignoring suit sequences and focusing solely on moving cards to the foundation piles can be a mistake. Try to prioritize building sequences within the tableau, as this can free up cards and create more opportunities for movement.

6. Rushing to Move Kings

In traditional Klondike solitaire, the ultimate goal is to move all the cards to the foundation piles, starting with Aces and ending with Kings. However, rushing to move the kings to the foundation piles without considering their impact on the tableau can lead to dead ends. Make sure you have a plan for the cards that will be exposed after moving a King.

7. Neglecting Alternating Colors

Neglecting Alternating Colors


Many free online Solitaire variants require you to alternate between red and black cards when building in the tableau. Ignoring this rule can quickly lead to certain cards being inaccessible and cannot be moved. Pay close attention to card colors and follow the alternating pattern.

8. Failing to Prioritize the Deck Card Reveal

Every move in Solitaire matters and one of the most significant moves is flipping a card from the deck. If you focus too much on the tableau and not enough on revealing the next deck card, you might be missing potential plays.

When you reveal a new card from the deck, it opens up new opportunities for moves on the tableau. Players who don’t prioritize this often find themselves with fewer options as the game progresses.

To maximize your chances of winning, always be mindful of the deck and consider its potential influence on the tableau before making your moves. Remember, a balanced approach, considering both the tableau and deck, often leads to success.

9. Not Optimizing for Turn-One or Turn-Three Play

Depending on whether you choose to play with one card turned from the deck or three, your strategy should differ. When playing with one card turned, you have more flexibility in accessing and playing cards.

However, with three cards turned, you need to plan your moves meticulously to ensure you don’t bury a needed card under the deck. Ignoring this fundamental rule means you’ll often find yourself stuck with essential cards trapped under the stack, making it impossible to progress.

10. Overusing the Undo Feature

Overusing the Undo Feature


Many digital versions of Solitaire offer the ‘undo’ feature. While it’s tempting to use this feature whenever a move doesn’t pan out, over-relying on it can stunt your growth as a player. It’s essential to learn from mistakes and develop an intuitive sense for the game.

If you constantly lean on the undo button, you’re not challenging yourself to think ahead. A better strategy is to limit your use of this feature and, when you do use it, take a moment to understand why the move was a mistake.

11. Forgetting About the Bigger Picture

In Solitaire, it’s easy to get focused on one part of the tableau and forget the bigger picture. Maybe you’re intent on freeing a particular card, but in doing so, you miss another, more beneficial move elsewhere.

Always take a moment before making a move to scan the entire tableau and consider all your options. A holistic approach helps ensure that you’re making the most beneficial moves at any given time.

12. Disregarding Stalemate Signs

Recognizing when you’re approaching a stalemate is crucial. Instead of pushing forward and hoping for the best, it’s often wiser to backtrack or restart the game. Common signs include having no moves left in the tableau, repeatedly drawing unplayable cards from the deck, or having all kings out without any available moves.

If you sense you’re heading towards a dead end, take action sooner rather than later. Knowing when to pivot can mean the difference between a win and a frustrating loss.

Final Thoughts



In conclusion, free online Solitaire is a game that rewards careful planning, patience, and strategic thinking. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can enhance your chances of success and enjoy the satisfying feeling of winning a challenging game.

Remember to plan, prioritize revealing hidden cards, and build suit sequences strategically. You can become a more skilled and strategic solitaire player with practice and attention to detail.

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