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World Usability Day November 13

We are going to share today is what national day ?  November 13 is known as world usability day. Of Anglo-Saxon origin, the World Usability Day proposes to sensitize the general public to a concept little evoked but often lived.World Usability Day November 13

World Usability Day November 13

The concept of usability is easy to understand, a contrary, in the face of technological products whose use is so complex that it is addressed only to the initiated the computer can constitute in this title an excellent example and the sponsorship of the day by Bill Gates will make the most caustic smile.

Usability, on the contrary, means that technologies or services are easy to learn, easy to use, efficient and effective! Which program.

A good example of non-usability: the website of this World Day is written only in English, which makes it unusable for anyone who does not know the idiom in question.

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