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World Toilet Day November 19

We are going to share today is what national day ? The World Toilet Day is celebrated every year on 19 November … but why a world day dedicated to the toilets? Have they fallen on the head?

World Toilet Day November 19

World Toilet Day November 19

This day has existed since 2001 and there is even a world organization of the toilets that takes care of it! Did you know that there are 2.4 billion people living on our land today who live without toilets. It’s little to say there’s an emergency.

A public health issue

More seriously, the aim of this day is to raise awareness among the general public on hygiene issues on a global scale.

According to the Director-General of WHO, the lack of toilets in the homes of many families has a significant impact on health and development. Home toilets save family sickness and lost time throughout the working day or even at school.

On the occasion of World Day 2010, the World Toilet Organization calls on every individual in his country to campaign for equal access to women’s toilets and special facilities for the disabled.

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