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World Statistics Day October 20

We are going to share today is what national day ? Statistically, there was a chance on 365 (or 366!) That a world day would be named as World Statistics Day. If we take away the summer months devoted to the joys of the beach and the month of December more conducive to decoration of the fir tree, there is still 1 chance out of 250 around for this day to take place. Let us pay tribute to the statisticians who managed to place their day in the middle of October, the 20th precisely.

World Statistics Day October 20

World Statistics Day October 20

A day decided by the UN
It was very seriously decreed by the UN in 2010 and it was Ban ki-moon who launched it with this statement:

Today we are celebrating World Statistics Day (20 October 2010) for the first time, which the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed to underscore the importance of the role of statistics in our societies.

Statistics often misleading
A true analytical and forecasting tool used by many different professions, statistics have at least the merit of arousing our curiosity and helping us to ask ourselves the right questions. Provided that you do not take any analysis based on statistics pinned for demonstration purposes justly.

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