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World Nutella Day February 5

Today we will tell you today is national what day. The World Days usually serve to draw attention to the major causes hence to say that the spreading paste in question is one that would go beyond (very far) our thinking. That said, the story of this World Nutella Day deserves to be told by the menu (if I may say so).

World Nutella Day February 5

World Nutella Day February 5

Nutella is more than just chocolate hazelnut, it’s a way of life

The history of this product goes back almost to the dawn of time or at least to an age that the under 60 years could not know. In the immediate aftermath of the war, in 1949, the heat wave melted the block of hazelnut chocolate prepared by a patissier from Alba (northern Italy). What matters to the children, they immediately spread the dough softened on bread and taste it for their taste. The Ferrero brothers adopt the idea and transform their chocolate into a spread, quickly meeting a huge success …

Where there is talk of palm oil

The oil palm enters unfortunately in the composition of Nutella. Its detrimental effects on the human body (and deforestation) are known and it was not necessary for the government’s planned taxing of palm oil (for public health reasons!) French in 2012 is renamed “Nutella tax”. As you were told, the defense of Nutella has almost become a “great cause” to defend.

The day of February 5

It is not the brand that promulgated it we are told, but a blogger, Sara Rosso and a group of consumers who are at the initiative. Let us admit, everyone has a right to his great causes.

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