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World Knitting Day June 11

Today we will tell you today is national what day. World Knitting Day is being woven between knitters and knitters all over the world and is becoming a reality! We waited a little, we saw them arrive from everywhere, with wool and needles in hand, knitters and knitters invaded parks and gardens, bistro terraces and other festive places  Oyez , you see, lovers of wool and needles, other knitters and knitters passionately stitched!

World Knitting Day June 11

World Knitting Day June 11

After the pretty start of the “Tricot Café” in the United States and now in Europe, after the success of the French knitting speed championship at the “L’aiguille en Fête” show, the woolly wave is invading France entire.

Knitting and friendliness

The success is there and many meetings “in real life” are organized on the occasion of this day, but also throughout the year.

The date chosen for this day seems to be the second weekend of June. In 2017, it takes place on Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11.

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