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World Food Day June 15

Today we will tell you today is national what day. World Food Day commemorates the creation of FAO on October 16, 1945 and every year, not far from 150 countries around the world participate in this event. Recall that FAO is a UN- dependent organization with special responsibility for food and food issues.

World Food Day June 15

World Food Day June 15

When we know that the global population has more than doubled since the creation of FAO, we can easily imagine the importance of the issues and the fight against hunger remains a daily concern in many countries.

Large export crops have played an important role in the impoverishment of entire territories by taking the place of food crops alone capable of feeding local populations. Awareness in the countries affected by hunger, but also in the industrialized countries that profit from this state of affairs, can alone curb the phenomenon and lay the foundations for a reasoned development of agriculture for “nurturing”.

FAO estimates that more than a billion people were still undernourished in 2009 on the planet. One in six people!

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