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World Egg Day October 10

We are going to share today is what national day ? October 10 is celebrated as  world egg day. It is the French egg professionals who created the World Egg Day, on the premise that you are never better served than by yourself.

World Egg Day October 10

World Egg Day October 10

Whatever it may be, the day of the egg does indeed exist and it is an opportunity for producers to offer eggs to charities.

  • 100 000 eggs in 2011
  • 200 000 eggs in 2012
  • 400 000 eggs in 2013
  • 500 000 eggs in 2015
  • 600 000 eggs in 2016

But who started?

The real philosophical problem of this day is to know which of the eggs or chickens started the first because without them (the hens) no eggs and without them (the eggs), no wings hen). Raymond Devos still alive…

The sector launches the commitment charter

97% of French people consume eggs, 78% of which are at least once a week. This “cheap” protein supply is therefore very important in our diet, and France is the first in Europe to produce eggs and eggs. its 46 million laying hens can boast a poultry sector with a total of 15,000 direct and indirect jobs.

On the occasion of the World Day to be celebrated on Friday 10 October 2014 , professionals from the French laying hens sector launch a Charter of Engagement “Pondus in France”, whose stated aim is to promote their commitments and their knowledge -make.

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