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World Day of Psoriasis October 29

We are going to share today is what national day ? Psoriasis is a disease that is little known to the general public. It is a dermatosis and as such has important repercussions on the patient’s social life.

World Day of Psoriasis October 29

World Day of Psoriasis October 29

An association of patients was created in 1983 to fight against psoriasis and we reproduced below their objectives:

Promote a mutual support movement towards patients with psoriasis and their families. Indeed, the development of dermatosis is always disturbing because it sees itself! Either a therapeutic effort is made to eliminate the lesions at any cost, either the patient refuses to communicate and chooses isolation so as not to have to suffer from derogatory looks and remarks … Psoriasis “is displayed “, and it is sometimes difficult to have to explain incessantly why these unsightly plates.

To inform and educate by actions concerning the patients and relating to the origin, the possible evolution and the types of treatments, a certain lifestyle, stress and conflicts or other psychological problems, to take medicines not prescribed by the doctor, the taking of remedies more or less fanciful.

In addition, APLCP actively tackles self-medication, reminding each patient that his / her psoriasis is different from that of his or her neighbor, and that a treatment that works for one will not necessarily work for the other.

Encouraging medical research by collaborating with specialists in the institutions concerned, APLCP is currently collaborating with Genethon and is often a partner in double-blind studies before the treatments are placed on the market, either at the request of laboratories or of clinical dermatologists.

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