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World Day of DIY May 24

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Created – perhaps – in tribute to all DIYers (and handymen!) Sunday, this new world day dedicated to DIY takes place on May 24, as well as it can also fall in the middle of the week.

World Day of DIY May 24

World Day of DIY May 24

At the heart of the idea are Christian and Philippe, two business leaders who sell online products … DIY and have created a website dedicated to the event. This one refers moreover skilfully to the contest that they wish to propose to the do-it-yourselfers.

“Because we all have a handyman hidden in us”
DIY activities are practiced by more than three in four French and, if you question them, they will admit you for the most part that for them, it is above all a hobby.

But the economic crisis has passed by and, while having fun, the DIY allows to make a great savings … so handymen by passion or handyman by necessity, excellent world day of DIY.

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