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World Day for the Industrialization of Africa November 20

We are going to share today is what national day ? Every 20 November, the international community, and in particular the African countries, celebrate Africa’s Industrialization Day. A day to encourage countries to become more engaged in the industrial process, to raise global awareness and mobilize international support for Africa’s industrial development.


World Day for the Industrialization of Africa November 20

The United Nations Day of Industrialization allows each year to tackle issues related to sustainable industrial development and to assess strategies to achieve the goals of making Africans equal partners in this new world.

The place of Africa in the world market

It is not just about producing, but about being competitive to hope to take advantage of markets that are increasingly open and competitive. This competitiveness, which is necessary for easy access to markets, depends on the availability of skilled human resources, viable economic infrastructure and a legal framework conducive to commercial market decisions.

World Day for the Industrialization of Africa November 20

In order to meet the challenge of market access, countries need to coordinate and harmonize their views and speak with one voice in trade negotiations, particularly in the context of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) The European Union, and in the negotiations with the WTO.

Industrialization the solution

It is hardly worth recalling that half the population of Africa has less than one dollar a day to live and 34 of the 48 least developed countries are in Africa.

To eradicate poverty, poor people need access to services and help them to help themselves. Education, health, livelihoods, nutrition, hygiene and housing are all important elements in the fight against poverty. There is, however, another element that has not been much preoccupied in recent years, the role of industrialization in the eradication of poverty.

Industry creates jobs, increases incomes, increases the value of agricultural products, promotes technological progress, opens up economic opportunities for women, and generates revenues that enable governments to reduce and eliminate poverty.

At the international level, the international community must intensify its support in Africa by streamlining the debt burden of the least developed countries without delay, improving access to international markets for African products, encouraging foreign investment and increasing Official Development Assistance.

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