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World Day for Perinatal Mourning Awareness October 15

Today we will tell you today is national what day. World Day for  Perinatal mourning is an important trauma for parents who are victims of the trauma, which is still largely ignored by public authorities and health workers.

World Day for Perinatal Mourning Awareness October 15

World Day for Perinatal Mourning Awareness

The Global Perinatal Mourning Awareness Day provides a reflection on the very specific case of dead infants just before the time of delivery or immediately after birth and support parents who have lost their child.

A need for recognition

An administrative difficulty adds to the parents’ grief to the extent that it is impossible for them to declare their child and give him a name. The associations of parents concerned try to mediate their cause to express their disagreement.


To show support for parents, or to show that their infant was lost, a symbol was created, the pink and blue ribbon. It is frequently found on social networks but also in a less virulent way during certain events.

Another symbol has also emerged, mainly in Quebec: infants thus deceased are often called “angels” and their parents “parange” (or papa papas and mothers). See the site “Our little angels in paradise” .

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