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World Customs Day and Ethics January 26

Today we will tell you today is national what day. International Customs Day is sponsored by the World Customs Organization. It has 150 member states and is headquartered in Brussels. Its purpose is to facilitate trade and travel for all citizens of the world.

World Customs Day and Ethics January 26

World Customs Day and Ethics January 26

Celebrated each year on 26 January, this special day highlights the efforts of men and women working in customs administrations around the world. This is an opportunity to recall how Customs is helping to ensure the safety and prosperity of our communities, for example by fighting drug trafficking or counterfeiting.

Discrete events

Traditionally, the participating countries organize events for the occasion on a national scale. But equally important are the more modest activities that take place in local or regional offices. These may be public events or, more simply, local directors can bring their employees together to congratulate them on their good work during a coffee break.

Customs in France and in the PHF *

  • The simplest is still to visit the site of the French government devoted to the French Customs
  • “I am not an imbecile, since I am a customs officer”.

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