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World Coloring Day May 06

Today we will tell you today is national what day.  May 06 is known as World Coloring Day all around the world.

[…] Under the jeers of child prodigies
With chalks of all colors
On the blackboard of misfortune
He draws the face of happiness .” Jacques Prévert

World Coloring Day May 06

World Coloring Day May 06

What a beautiful day that coloring, not that it is necessarily “useful” (in the meaning of the word in the jargon of the economy) but at least it puts color in our lives. And it is not Jacques Prévert’s Cancre who will deny us!

One theme per year

This day has existed for some time now and every year a theme is given to it. In 2013, it was about coloring the protection of the environment. Previous years have been illustrated with very different themes, such as gastronomy (2012), trees and animals in the forest (2011), and even siblings or astronomy in previous years.

More than twenty countries participate in the event, spread over all continents. Let’s bet that this number will go up!

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