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World Asthma Day May 02

Today we will tell you today is national what day. World Asthma Day is organized once a year at the initiative of the association Asthma and Allergies for France. At the global level, the “Global Initiative for Asthma” is working. It is in principle fixed on the 1st Tuesday of each month of May. This is a day of exchanges and information bringing together health professionals and asthmatics.

World Asthma Day May 02

World Asthma Day May 02

Whether you are an asthmatic, parent of an asthmatic child, whether you are a doctor or a health professional, she provides you with information and support: free brochures, comic strips, diaries, help with patient associations.

Asthma in France

There are 2.5 to 3 million asthmatics, including 1/4 children and adolescents. Still 7 people a day die of asthma while we have extremely effective treatments. Experts know that almost all these deaths would be avoided if asthma was detected and treatments followed.

Control your asthma!

Each year, a theme is chosen to celebrate World Asthma Day. In 2017, the theme is “Control your asthma, do not let it dominate you”.

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