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World Anti Foie Gras Day November 25

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Sign of the times? World Anti Foie Gras Day November 25 activists are increasingly organized to try to get the ban on the production of foie gras on the pretext of cruelty to animals.

World Anti Foie Gras Day November 25

World Anti Foie Gras Day November 25

The first World Day dedicated to this cause was held in 2013 to try to convince public opinion that it was necessary to abandon the industrial production of foie gras.

The gavage in question

According to these animals, the practice of force-feeding would significantly increase mortality in livestock. It should be remembered that it is the industrial gavage of the palmipeds that allows a consistent production. Without this practice, the product would be extremely rare in our markets.

Advocating for a natural product

It is not always known, but it is not the man who invented the force-feeding. The practice is very natural and it is the Egyptians who first observed that the geese practiced, before the migration, a natural gavage before taking off. The man has only improved the technique.

So, should the production of foie gras be prohibited? Rather, the reason would be to increase the quality of animal husbandry conditions without going as far as total prohibition. But the subject is polemic and the reason not always welcome.

It remains only to hope that the anti foie gras do not win their fight and that this part of the French gastronomic culture will be preserved.

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