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World Animal Day in the laboratories April 23

Today we will tell you today is national what day. World Animal Day in the laboratories action has been recognized by the United Nations and takes place every year on April 24th.

World Animal Day in the laboratories April 23

World Animal Day in the laboratories April 23

On the occasion of the World Day, anti-vivisection activists and supporters gather around the world to raise awareness among the general public and the public authorities about the suffering of millions of animals that perish in laboratories.

Whether it is testing chemicals or developing new drugs or even psychological experiments, the movements are calling for a total ban on the use of animals and replacing them with drugs. Other methods.

And the progress of science?

The scientific community may legitimately be concerned about taking extreme positions by recalling that the use of laboratory animals has saved millions of lives in the development of drugs and vaccines … quickly realize that the arguments of each other are hardly compatible!

Towards European legislation?

The European Union (EU) can not remain silent on these types of topics and wishes to put an end to animal experimentation, by proposing alternatives. But in the possible absence of such alternatives, it proposes a reflection aimed at better supervising the use of animals in laboratories and reducing animal testing.

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