3 Ways to Find Your Angel Number

Welcome to the world of numerology! You must have faced the concept of “Angel Numbers” already, but you have no idea why you need them. In this article, we will talk about how you can find out your Angel Number and break down popular meanings.

What Is an Angel Number?


Each of us has our angels. They always look after us and give hints at the right moments. Since they cannot tell with words, they send different symbols. When you can not get an answer to the question that has been bothering you for a long time, the angel sends you a number that has some meaning. It helps you to find a solution.

Some Angel Numbers are easy to recognize. They are combinations of three-four identical or serial digits. However, you probably don’t pay any attention to such digits as 341. Still, they can be Angel Numbers as well. Particularly, if you often see them in bank account numbers, postal codes, etc.

How to Find Out Your Angel Number?

There are three ways to identify your Angel Number. They are pretty simple, so you can easily use them. Let’s consider each particular combination.

Just to observe

If you are determined to search for angel hints, you should develop your intuition and be as observant as possible. Try to do the next. Think about the problem you can’t solve and ask the Universe to give you a sign. Afterward, try to pay attention to numbers wherever you are. It is important not to look for Angel Numbers on purpose. Just relax and observe. You can focus on symbols such as:

  • Time on a smartphone, laptop, etc;
  • Prices;
  • Postal codes;
  • Bank accounts.

When you start to understand that some numbers appear more often, it can mean that your angel sent you a message. To figure out what exactly he/she wants to say, you need to remember what you thought at this moment. You can find out the meaning of Angel Numbers in several online resources, for example, In this blog, you will learn how to recognize the signs of angels and be able to use them

Determine the Angel Number by birth date


In case, you can not find your Angel Number intuitively, you can use a classic trick from numerology. Try to calculate the so-called “number of destiny.” It is easy to get it. Just add up all the digits of the birth date (month, day, and year). You should get a number from 1 to 9. In rare cases, it might be a double symbol. Numerologists say that people with some destiny digits like 11, 22, and 33 came into the world with a special mission.

Consider what each such symbol means:

  • One. This symbol can characterize you as a strong and enterprising person. You could be a successful businessman, hold leadership positions, etc.;
  • Two. A person with Angel Number two is usually kind and vulnerable. They can take care of their loved ones and be good friends. However, they are often subject to mood swings and even depression;
  • Four. Four can speak of you as a holistic person. You’re smart and get along well with society;
  • Five. You’re a real adventurer. You love to travel and can’t sit idle for long. Also, your eloquence is enviable. You have a natural talent for oratory;
  • Six. You are a creative and dreamy person. You like to surround yourself with beauty. Why not associate your profession with it?
  • Seven. You are a spiritually developed person and have a strong intuition;
  • Eight. You were born to be successful. People with such willpower and determination are still to be found;
  • Nine. You always try to be the life of the company, an outwardly cheerful and pleasant person. However, you don’t like to share your feelings.

Calculate Angel Number by your name

Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to some symbols from 0 to 9. The calculation is done in the same way as with the date of birth. The number of the name will tell you the following:

  • character traits;
  • life’s purpose;
  • things you need to improve to reach your goals.

Also, the name number can tell you how you will be affected by a name change. Perhaps you should keep your last name. Or you do not like your name, and you feel that you would like to be called someone else. Maybe, another name will suit you better, so check it out.

You can experiment and count your name digits, not by the one you received from your parents but by what your friends or colleagues call you. That will give you an idea of how people around you perceive you.

A Few More Words About Numbers


There are numbers to which we falsely attribute ominous meaning. For example, we have all heard about the negative influence of the infamous 666. If you have met such symbols, do not rush to panic. Look for the true meaning. Often it is not as bad as you thought. Sixes can mean financial well-being and a happy family life.

You should be aware of another way the Angel Number works. Everyone has a favorite one. Some might associate it with a memorable date, while others choose it intuitively. To communicate with you, angels can send you your favorite digit. Even if it’s 13, no one can say it’s a bad sign.

Yes, sometimes angels can warn us of danger. However, they are unlikely to use digits that are shrouded in false prejudice.

Let Your Angels Communicate With You

Here is another essential point you must understand about numerology and an Angel Number. It is not witchcraft and in no way contradicts any religion. Numerology is a science that has been proving the connection between symbols and events in human life for hundreds of years. It’s not for nothing that we have intuition, or sixth sense, or whatever you want to call it. If the universe is trying to give us vital clues in all possible ways, it is only wise to use them.

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