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In today’s increasingly connected world, it is easier than ever to boost your own personal financial picture through the abundance of resources we have available to us at our fingertips, such as through these books suggested by One of the fastest-growing forms of information and entertainment available to us right now is podcasts. In recent years podcasts have expanded with new shows, new episodes, and many podcasts specializing in particular industries such as beauty, self-help, comedy, and finance.

Finance podcasts are perfect for the person trying to manage their budgets, debt, investments, or generally improve their financial intelligence to make better life decisions every day. Here are five of the top financial podcasts to consider if you are looking to educate yourself about making the most out of your money.

The Mad Fientist


Known as the Mad Fientist, this financial expert delves into a series of topics including how to pay off debt and retire early, how to maximize your tax savings, and travel hacking strategies. Mad Fientist treats his listeners to interviews with a myriad of financial experts all in an effort to inform people about how they can make their money work for them. Whether you’re considering investing in the lucrative real estate market or navigating your options for applying for installment loans online for bad credit, podcasts have a lot of information to share. You can learn more about some of these financing options from the companies that offer them, some of which have podcast content for everyone interested.

Money for the Rest of Us


Created by J. David Stein, this investing-forward podcast is a good place for beginners to get their feet wet when looking to create wealth. As a former chief investment strategist, Stein uses this platform to explain to his listeners how market cycles work, why you need to design a balanced portfolio and good places to put your money. This podcast is ideal for those investors who do not yet have a significant amount of money to pour into the market yet, but who still want to make the most of investing opportunities. This simplistic approach to investing will help you to build your market knowledge from the ground up.

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn


If you are staring down debt, you need to brainstorm ways to generate extra money to pay down this money that you owe. In addition to looking into the possibilities of paying down your debt with a smart installment loan, you can consider generating passive income that you can apply directly to the debt snowball. This podcast gives you loads of ideas for new side hustles that you can implement today in an effort to make more money with little effort on your part. Host Pat Flynn is an expert at finding ways to generate passive income online, and he is here to share these ideas with you.

The Dave Ramsey Show


It is no surprise that financial guru Dave Ramsey also offers an informative yet entertaining podcast. The foundation of Ramsey’s money principles starts with paying off your debt so that you can put yourself on the road to achieving true financial freedom. By leaning on the snowball method of paying off debt, Ramsey will teach you how to eliminate debt systematically so that you can free up money to build wealth and secure your financial future.

So Money


Farnoosh Torabi leads this educational podcast focusing on understanding the core foundation of sound money management. Torabi covers a wide range of topics, making this a good one-stop-shop for all of your financial podcast needs. The candid podcast features real-life examples that are relatable and honest. Whether you are looking for the best way to pay off your credit cards or if you want to learn more about the fundamental principles of prudent investing, Torabi and her expert guests will surely enlighten you.

Couple Money


Fights about money are one of the leading causes of stress in relationships, and knowing how to manage your finances with a significant other is a skill that is needed to master.

Let’s face it, It can be a really tough thing to master, but with The Couple Money Podcast, it can help you navigate this challenge and make your relationship stronger and better with finances.

The host Elle Martinez doesn’t ignore the reality of the numbers that couples need to work with, but the focus of this podcast is more on the conversation and compromises that people in relationships need to have and share in order to reach their financial goals together.

Popcorn Finance


If you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands and you want to learn how to increase your financial knowledge and money immediately, then Popcorn Finance might just be your new favorite Podcast.

The host, Christ Browning, is a financial analyst by date and night. Chris creates podcast episodes that help you understand your personal finances better in a short amount of time. Not too convincing? Well, it might help to know that Popcorn Finance won a 2018 Plutus Award for Best New Personal Finance Podcast, and Chris himself was named one of Nerdwallet’s African American Financial Gurus to follow in 2018 and 2019

The Money Nerds


Ever read an article about “gurus” who retired at such a young age and is now giving out their best financial advice so you can follow along too? Then you’ve probably once realized that the whole reason that they were able to be financially successful was that they made millions of bucks in tech or their parents gave them a condo and paid for their college education. Well, it’s not much value to hear stories about people who made it when they did so with unrealistic circumstances that most of us can’t replicate, this is why The Money Nerds is a go-to.

The host, Whitney Hanson, interviews guests and real people with lives who you can actually relate to, who are doing some of the most amazing and unique things with money. Whitney brings a wide variety of conversations you can actually relate to and learn with families who’ve paid off thousands of dollars of debt with an average salary,

It is well worth your time to listen to any of these five financial podcasts. By empowering yourself to learn more about personal finance, you will secure a better future for you and your significant other.

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