How Do You Spice Up Date Night?

Normal can sometimes be boring, and this also applies in relationships. With life, work, and family coming into the picture, most couples often lose the spark that lit their love life in the early days. However, this can be detrimental and make you and your partner drift further apart.

So, how can you bring up the sauce in your relationship? Well, one way is by going for a night date. Be creative. Surprises are always good and help you create excellent memories. We will share some top romantic ideas on how you can spice up date nights in this article.

Enjoy a Movie


If you’re looking for something cheap and easy to plan, consider planning an at-home movie night. Grab a few snacks and buy some good wine for the occasion. The idea is to create a unique experience that will allow you to enjoy the movie together.

You can even place the mattress on the floor and get some extra pillows for extra comfort. When it comes to movie selection, go for something romantic. Ideally, it should be something that will complement the occasion. We assume you are doing this with your spouse alone, so adult-only movies are very much welcome.

Cook Together


Cooking can be tedious, especially for couples that have families. Some people choose to order due to busy schedules. However, cooking together once in a while can be one way to enjoy each other’s time doing something you love.

Don’t go for ordinary meals. Hop onto YouTube and look up some recipes you would love to try. Go shop for the ingredients together. While prepping the food, why not spice it up a little bit by playing some games? You can blindfold your partner and ask them to guess a spice.

Game Nights


There are plenty of adult games you can play with your partner. You can also play video games if you have a PlayStation or Xbox at home. If you know how to play a game and your spouse doesn’t, this would be the best time to teach them. Have some music on and set the scene.

Try making the game as fun as possible. You can also introduce a few off the book rules for extra competition. For instance, the loser takes a shot. Other than truth or dare, you can play Scrabble, Uno, Jenga, or Chess.

Role Play

Why not try something new? Depending on how kinky you are, you can try out role-playing. Think of police and robber type of stuff. Dress up for the occasion, set up the candles, and get into character.

A few pointers, you can text your spouse early on so they can prepare in advance. Better yet, you can also choose to surprise them. The idea here is to get away from the norm and create memories. Such simple activities can help add extra spice to your love life.

Relive Old Memories


Go through those old photos of when you were young. These moments will create feelings of nostalgia. Besides that, you can also appreciate the growth that has happened in your relationship over the years.

Have some drinks and food. You can also make it a movie night, watching some childhood favorites. You can also ask your parents to send you some photos or videos of you when you were young. You can also play a guessing game. Ask your spouse some questions and let’s see how well they know you.

Try a New Hobby


What is that one thing you’ve dreamt of learning? Sometimes responsibilities make it difficult to learn a new skill or hobby. Try out different activities such as learning a recent dance move, painting, photography, or cooking. The idea is to spend time together while creating lasting memories.

While you’re at it, avoid activities that would be straining or require a lot of attention. Create a little competition and challenge each other while enjoying yourselves. It is all about spending time together and having fun.

Have Great Sex


Most of the time, your date nights will end up in the bedroom. But why not finish it with a blast? Bring back the old you and go all out. Set the scene, have some wine, rose petals strewn all over, and some slow RnB jams in the background.

Dress up for the occasion and surprise your hubby with the new lingerie. This time around, it is not a quickie. Take your time and rekindle the great sex you had back in the day. For extra kinkiness, you try sex toys.

Camp in Your Backyard


You don’t have to go out every time you think of date plans. Set up a camp in your backyard and bring all the fun stuff inside. You can also have a barbecue while watching the stars. After you’re done eating, play some games as you reminisce about the old times. Tell each other stories and relive the things you used to do as kids.

Hire an Escort


If you’re single, hiring an escort to go for a date night sounds like a plan. If you’re planning to do so, hire an escort from this page. You can order some food and spend the night watching some movies before going to bed.

There are a few things you need to consider when hiring an escort. The first is to ensure that you use legit escort directories to avoid getting catfished. You will be disappointed if you get stood up after getting conned.

Wrapping Up

Relationships can become strained if you lose touch with each other. Most couples rarely spend time together due to enormous responsibilities and busy schedules. However, this is always a recipe for disaster.

It is always good to set aside time and enjoy alone time with your partner. Date nights are always a good idea. Have the kids go to bed early or send them to their grandparents for the weekend. Go through some fun activities you would like to do with your partner.

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