6 Reasons Why Buying Sex Toys Is No longer a Taboo Topic in 2024

This year is weird in so many ways. At the end of 2019, the world was hit by the new coronavirus, but none of us could ever imagine that now, in the middle of October 2024, we still need to cope with that. It wasn’t that long ago when the World Health Organization confirmed that the world is in a state of a pandemic, and that changed our lives forever.

Many people recognized new talents, boosted their creativity, tried new things during the lockdowns, and some of them discovered a whole new sexual side, they weren’t aware of it until then (or it was just hidden deep inside of them, waiting for the right moment to show up). In April this year, many websites confirmed that sex toy sales spiked pretty high, especially the online sales and purchases from reliable websites such as 1sexshop.gr, and many others around Europe, and the rest of the world. But, why that happened? What made the people finally decide to be freer when it comes to their sexual expression and preferences?

Opposite of the popular belief that only girls and women use these toys, the number of guys who prefer spicing up their sex life with them is also pretty high. The time spent at home, especially for those who live alone, was also good so they can explore their options and see if they enjoy using them, or not. Also, the lack of human contact due to social distancing is one of the reasons why the sales of sexy playful toys increased this year.

These are some of the other reasons why that happened:

1. People are more educated and empowered

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In 2024, there is no place for taboos, especially after we saw everything is possible and acceptable until it’s private, and not shared with those who disapprove of it. Owning some of those toys isn’t something we should be ashamed of or afraid of. Our sexuality comes completely natural, and we are allowed to do anything we want, so we can be satisfied. A lot of boys and girls struggle to find the right partner, and they are choosing to use some help in the meantime. Now, when we have every information available with a few simple clicks, no one can expect that someone will believe using these toys is wrong. Of course, there are still some cultures, religions, and traditions that find it very wrong, but progressive people are aware that there is nothing wrong with that.

2. They can spice the things up in the bedroom

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Many couples choose to add these gadgets to their sexual routines. There are a lot of toys that offer increased stimulation during intercourse, and also, some people simply enjoy masturbating in front of their partner, as an additional arouse while sexy plays in the bedroom. When it comes to the types of things that can be used for sexual stimulation, you can choose something for you both, no matter the gender, or experience. Don’t be afraid to include them in your relationship, especially if both of you are kinky, and enjoy extraordinary things when together in bed.

3. The rise of the BDSM scene

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BDSM is short for Bondage, Discipline, and Sadomasochism, and there is a whole “hidden society” that loves non-traditional relationships and sexual activities. Some of them include excessive usage of kinky toys and accessories, so the partners can increase the whole pleasure that comes from their activities. Many people find this scene very challenging, and unnatural, and they think people who love painful and degrading sexual plays are weird, but the truth is that those who are into that, really enjoy all the activities that usually include accessories.

4. We are aware of our sexual needs

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As we already said, there is nothing weird or controversial if we want to enjoy sexual pleasures, even when we don’t have a partner to do that with us. In the past, the general audience was joking with those who were using rubber dolls, or vibration devices so they can get pleasure, calling them names, and consider them as “forever alone”, and so on. But, people who are focused on themselves and their satisfaction, know there is nothing wrong with owning one or more sex toys in the home collection, and of course, using them because it’s in our nature to enjoy in the sexual arousal.

5. Social distancing made us do that

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Some couples were together in this, but there were also those who were forced to separate temporarily, and they’ve seen each other rarely than usual. But, when it comes to our sexual needs, we need to enjoy that, because it’s scientifically proven that when we are satisfied, we can maintain a good mood and be more focused and productive. The pandemic changed and it’s still changing our lives, and using sex toys should be normalized between us.

6. It’s interesting and satisfying

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Playing with these toys is a whole new level of sexual experience when you are getting pleasure, but you don’t need to cope with the partner’s personality. Some people, simply, don’t have the nerves and patience to share their feelings with someone and establish a valuable relationship. They are just here to enjoy life, even if that means they will occasionally be alone with their favorite toys. Also, they are opening a whole playground for different experiments, and trying new things, when it comes to sexual pleasure.

This particular year showed us that nothing is permanent and that it’s always a better idea to adapt to the specific situations and challenges, instead of going against them. Also, 2024 is a very special year for the world, when everything changed, including our thoughts, and beliefs for the pleasure and the sexual nature of the human being. So, if you are curious about these interesting gadgets and devices, you can try some of them, free of all taboos and judging.

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