6 Fun Activities to Try at Night with Your Friends

Are you looking for fun activities to do at night?

There is plenty of fun and exciting ways to pass the time in the dark. While some people like to stay at home at night and watch scary movies, it can get boring after a while.

Getting a large group of your friends together and having a fun time at night is different. You have the advantage of not being bound by your TV or streaming service. You can do anything you want to do in the dark.

If you’re bored and looking to have a fun activity at night, follow this guide and try some of these activities. Read on!

1. Host a Movie Night


Hosting a movie night is one of the most enjoyable, fun activities to try at night with your friends. This is a great way to relax, catch up, and enjoy each other’s company.

Before the movie, you can have snacks and appetizers to share. This will help create a cozy atmosphere and encourage conversations. Once everyone is settled, decide which movie to watch.

To get everyone involved, you can vote or let one person choose. Then, sit back and enjoy the film.

2. Have an Outdoor Adventure


If you and your friends are looking for something new things to do at night, why not try an outdoor adventure? You could set up a campfire and make s’mores, or go on a night nature walk with headlamps. Stargazing at night can be a great activity to do with friends, or you can all look for wildlife in the dark and take pictures with a flashlight.

If you’re feeling brave, you could even go camping out in nature. There are many outdoor activities you can do at night, and they are sure to be thrilling times.

3. Indoor Gaming Night


Hosting an indoor gaming night with your friends can be a great way to spend a night together. Set up a few living room gaming stations connected to a TV and fill up a snack bar with favorites like pizza, chips, and soda. Make sure to pick some games everyone can play together.

Have different tournaments and award prizes for the winners! For added fun, invite some friends to dress up and compete in costume contests. No matter what you choose, you and your friends are sure to have a night full of fun activities they won’t forget!

4. Try Out Escape Rooms


Trying out an escape room is a thrilling one. Gather a group of friends and select an escape room challenge to complete.

Lasting an hour or more, the challenge will get your adrenaline pumping as you combine communication and collaboration skills with critical thinking to crack the case. It’s an unforgettable experience that will bring you closer together and generate a lot of laughs.

Challenging, interactive, and exciting – escape rooms are the perfect fun activity to do at night with your friends. You can also explore these escape rooms and book your tickets today!

5. Games


Playing games with friends is a great way to have fun at night. Not only are there classic board games available such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Cards Against Humanity, but also some fun interactive video games you can all try. These can range from team-based video games such as Fortnite or Overwatch where you battle each other for control of a virtual battlefield, to couch co-op experiences such as Mario Party or Super Smash Brothers Ultimate where you work together to accomplish a shared goal. You could also opt for karaoke night, with singalongs to your favorite songs!

If you’re feeling more creative, there are plenty of activities you can explore together. For example, why not try an improv acting or stand-up comedy session? Or if painting and drawing is more your thing then perhaps art Jamming could be the perfect choice – no prior artistic experience required! And if none of these options float your boat then there’s always the time honored tradition of telling ghost stories around the campfire…if you dare! So whatever game (or activity) has been chosen for discussion and enjoyment, rest assured nights in with friends never need be dull again!

6. Arts and Crafts


Arts and crafts are a great way to get creative while spending time with your friends. From painting, drawing, and pottery, to Macramé, quilting and felting – there are so many possibilities to explore. You could even make your own cards or origami creations as a special treat for each other. Alternatively, you could try something completely new by joining an online class or workshop together! This is also a great way to support local artists and hone in on specific techniques or skills. Not sure where to start? Check out Pinterest boards for inspiration—you’ll be amazed at how many fun projects you can find!

No matter if you decide to create something practical (like ribbons for gift-wrapping) or simply express yourself through art – have fun and let your imagination run wild! Make sure to have plenty of art supplies ready before starting—crayons, paper, paints, cloths, mosaics drawings–you name it (you might even want to order some takeaway dinner so you can really relax during the evening). Ultimately the only rule is that there should be no judgement between friends when it comes to artistic expression!

Enjoy the Night With These Fun Activities

Nighttime is the perfect time to get together with your friends and make fantastic memories. There are plenty of fun activities to try. When making your plan for the night, get creative and make sure you allow time for the activity to bring out your best laughs and good vibes.


No matter what new activity you and your friends choose to try, remember to take the necessary safety precautions and be sure you are engaging in activities that are legal in your area. Nurture strong relationships with your friends, create a supportive environment for each other and make sure everyone’s sharing in the fun. Illuminated by the moonlight, starry skies or bright city lights, nighttime is often a perfect opportunity to carry out new and exciting activities with great company.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and get ready for the night of your life!

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