Shaped Plugs for Ears – Are they Safe to Wear?

Shaped plugs are short pieces of jewelry that are worn in body piercings. Sometimes they are referred to as flesh tunnels. Shaped plugs have a history behind them and they have been adorned by people of all ages. These days, you can find plugs made of different materials.

These may include porcelain, acrylic glass, silicone, wood, stone, and so on. Different kind of custom plugs are a growing trend, and it provides scopes for bold jewelry choices. So, it’s no wonder why they are becoming more popular. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the shaped plugs.

What are plugs for ears?


Plugs for ears typically represent the different types of body jewelry and sometimes known as gauge and tunnel that fill the gap of your stretched ear. Certain body modifications such as ear stretching allow you to express and experiment with yourself. It is a tradition that has been accepted by different cultures for centuries.

These custom plugs are made available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. As such, it helps you adapt your ear piercing to suit your mood and style. These plugs often make for interesting end pieces and unique gifts. There is a wide variety of shaped plugs you can find.

Lots of manufacturers have cropped out to provide you with the best of designs to make you look and feel different when you are amidst a crowd. It’s always a pleasure to try something new and stand out from the rest.

Keeping aside the boundaries of the traditional plugs and tunnels, you can now have different choices such as curved or teardrops, which inspires a totally different look. Also, you can choose between tophat and flare plugs, depending on what you love to wear.

Tunnels, gauges, and teardrop plugs


Teardrop plug is a piece of jewelry that is quite popular for stretched ears. Although this custom shaped plug may look different outside, it looks amazing when you wear it on your stretched ear. If you are confused about the shape and size of this jewelry, don’t worry.

All you need to do is visit a store and there you would get everything according to your desired shape and size. All these are measured based on the circumference of your pierced ear. The same thing goes with the tunnels and gauges, as well.

The best thing about your body modification is their ability to display your piercings with some beautiful jewelry. You can find plenty of unique and best-quality shaped plugs in various online and physical stores. While you showcase your stretched ears, keep in mind that it is not about the aesthetics and design.

But, it is all about comfort and that is why you should try out these You can find a variety of teardrop plugs, gauges, and tunnels in varying materials, colors, and designs. Everyone can find a design that suits their style and ultimately fall in love with them.

What kind of materials do these shaped plugs come in?


There are lots of materials you can choose from that caters to your specific needs. This may include the type of jewelry you are most comfortable in and provide different looks across similar designs. With such a variety of colors and designs available to choose from, it is equally important to get the right material.

Some of the commonly used materials for shaped plugs include silicone, glass, wood, metal, stone, acrylic, and other options. All these materials are capable of creating a variety of striking 1pieces for you to choose from. Shaped plugs give your style a more personalized edge and allow you to collect jewelry that lasts for a lifetime.

Are shaped plugs safe to wear?


The answer to this question is yes. But, you need to wear them for a short interval of time. This is the most important thing and you need to remember that. Everyone has a different kind of ear, and their ears react differently. Whenever you feel some kind of discomfort in your ears, stop using the plug and remove them.

It is recommended to wear non-rounded custom shaped plugs only for a short period of time, and not more than that. And, do not wear them while you are about to sleep at night. Round plugs tend to distribute the pressure to all the other parts of the ear.

Whereas, non-rounded plugs starts developing pressure points over extended periods. The pressure points depend on the shape and size of the plugs you use. Teardrop and oval plugs cause a lower amount of pressure points, while triangle or diamond-shaped plugs can cause pressure points.

It is obvious that you may have come across different stories where people share their experience of how badly shaped plugs have caused their ears to torn or incurred severe injuries. However, these are the results of extreme circumstances.

The majority of the time the incident occurred is not because of the design of the plugs, but it was the negligence on part of the person to remove them in due time. As you have stretched your ears, you know how to keep them safe. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or something hurts, take out those plugs.

How to insert your shaped plug tunnel easily


  • Always use the right kind of plug for your stretched ears. Never attempt to insert a 6G if you are comfortable wearing a 10G. Increase the size gradually.
  • It is better to insert the plugs after a hot, nice shower. Massage your ears to loosen the skin to make the lobes more stretchable.
  • Make use of a lubricant enriched in olive oil or vitamin E oil, and never use petroleum jelly.
  • Apply some lubricant to the taper plug and slowly insert it to the piercing.
  • Never push the jewelry forcibly in. Natural skin is elastic and stretches normally.


Shaped plugs could be difficult to work with, and if you are new in this area, it is quite obvious that you have struggled with your jewelry. Different kinds of custom plugs are great jewelry choices and they have earned a good name in the world of fashion.

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