How to Choose Jewelry for a Wedding?

Defining a specific theme for your wedding allows you to choose the style of decoration to adopt, the setting, the mood, and the menu. It’s also the theme for choosing a well-matched outfit, dress, and accessories to make the original celebration unique. Discover 5 styles of women’s jewelry to wear for 5 different types of weddings.

5 very different personalities that can match you.

Bride classic or timeless: how to dress for the day?

To succeed in the classic or timeless wedding, the bride will often opt for a princess or mermaid dress where elegance is combined with tradition. wear either a very sober and discreet dress or a dress with lace and accessories of tradition, a veil of gloves and timeless jewelry.

With this type of dress, you will need high heels. Your women’s jewelry will also have to harmonize with the whole we recommend you to buy from Midwest Jewellery. A square neckline requires around a necklace with a pendant for example. For other types of necklines, the necklace should match with pearl earrings or with bright zirconium oxides.

Some timeless jewels to sublimate your wedding dress.

  • A classic or timeless bride needs timeless jewelry. Timeless women’s jewelry is fine, elegant and easy to wear.
  • You can choose from the TIMELESS WOMEN’S JEWELRY COLLECTION:
  • A Gretta gold-plated ring and its sumptuous bangle
  • A necklace with a fine chain and a small pendant in 925 silver with zirconium oxides.
  • A set of triangular earrings in silver and zirconium oxides in the line I WANT you for example.
  • A silver or gold plated bangle bracelet sober and chic line DELHY
  • A silver ring with oxides of zirconium I WANT YOU.

Timeless wedding jewelry

For an ethnic wedding, the colors are many and warm. Patterned fabrics are in the spotlight and raw materials are used a lot. For example, you can use wooden chairs or wrought iron or bamboo accessories for decoration. For the dress of the bride, the long dresses are the most used. They can be white and ivory, but they are mostly pink or beige. Models made entirely or partly with African loincloths are also welcome. To accompany the sublime ethnic dresses and the special decor, wedding jewelry is chosen in the same tone. You can choose as ethnic women’s jewelry:

A hammered silver bangle bracelet crafted

  • A woman silver ring with an oval cabochon lapis lazuli as rings CANYON
  • An oval silver ring with amazonite.
  • A fancy bracelet with turquoises mounted on leather.
  • A long sautoir necklace with golden brass beads.
  • A long necklace with black pompoms and black pearls;
  • A set of long earrings with golden brass and turquoises.

“In the Camargue in a Mas with sun-burnt patinas, in the middle of bulls and gypsies, I imagine the sun setting between the reeds and the horses, the music as a cheerful and joyful chorus …

My dress is chic and sober and the generous sleeves are in lace.

We chose a romantic and wild place, here no gold except that of the sun and friendship, my jewelry is raw, real, worked by hand.

I opted for the accumulation of chiseled silver rushes that will tinkle as soon as my hands accompany the sound of guitars.

Ethnic wedding jewelry

The stones and pearls used for ethnic jewelry are very colorful. They also often symbolize well-being, love, perfection … The virtues (self-confidence, decreased nervousness, stress …) that we lend them can also be useful.

Jewelry ideas for a contemporary wedding

For a contemporary wedding, clothing changes a little. The long wedding dress is not always very popular. Instead, we favor short dresses that are oval or straight. The dress is usually fitted and the shoulders can be lace. The whole point of contemporary marriage is that you can break the classic codes of the wedding ceremony. The contemporary bride is also an active woman who knows the trends and values ​​design and originality.

In a selection of contemporary jewelry for the wedding, the bride will focus more on creativity and offbeat materials. For example, you can choose resin or ceramic necklaces, fancy necklaces, large and solid silver rings, and fashion earrings. The contemporary style also combines rubber, leather and glass products. For the choice of bracelets, prefer vertiginous bracelets (large cuffs for example). They will showcase your pretty arm.

You can bring color to these jewels by choosing gems or semi-precious stones. Turquoise, diamond, and pink quartz are particularly popular. If you have a passion for history, there are models with the effigy of historical men like Alexander the Great. If, on the other hand, you prefer religious jewels, the pendants with a cross will be able to satisfy you with their small side offset and boutique, this mixture of style will be very trendy

Glamorous wedding: The dress counts, the make-up and the coiffure. Be sophisticated with the tips of your nails.

In a glamorous wedding, every detail counts for the bride to shine brightly. The focus is on sensuality and bling-bling. Depending on your preferences, diamonds, gold, sequins, and rhinestones can be welcome in your look. Branded stilettos with stones that grab the attention will be perfect. With this type of wedding, y

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