Apple AirPods. Worth the hype?

As they rush to pick the much-awaited Apple Airpods latest release for 2024 heats up in Australia, the tech giant is still not so sure if or when this device will fully hit the market and when its zealous fans will start enjoying this much talked about innovation.

When Apple released the iPhone 7 without the 3.5mm headphone jack feature, many people assume that the tech giant backfired in building a robust feature for its iPhone model. The smartphone was the first mobile device from Apple to ditch the headphone jack. But little did critics know that Apple already had a solution and a replacement for the headphone called the ‘Apple Airpods‘ considered to be the new generation of earpieces.

After announcing the release date of this tiny wireless earpiece (AirPods) and nothing came close to fulfilling the promise; admiration turned to frustration and then to anger yet the AirPods was nowhere near completion nor was there any sign that the device will be hitting the market very soon.

Today, the much-awaited Apple Airpod Australia is on sale, fans of this device especially those in Australia can’t be happy enough. However, since its release, the device is selling rocket fast and most, unfortunately, it’s in limited supply.

Be that as it may, the Apple Airpod is a revolutionary wireless Bluetooth earbud that Apple launched to replace the conventional headphones. The pods are specially built with an in-built microphone feature that silences the background noise and allows iPhone users to enjoy phone calls including talking with Siri, Apple’s digital assistant robot.

Nonetheless, the new tiny device will not be available for everyone as it is already in short supply and more people are still waiting on the queue just to have a feel of the so-called sound revolution… at whatever cost!

Comparing Alternatives: AirPods Versus the Competition

While the AirPods’ debut has undoubtedly set a high bar, there’s a conversation to be had about alternatives, like the replacement galaxy buds. These competitors emerge as a sound choice for those who might not be fully on board the Apple train. Galaxy Buds offer a compelling mix of features, including adaptive sound technology and a secure fit—all without the Apple premium.

These replacements provide an attractive option for Android loyalists or budget-conscious consumers. They maintain a competitive edge with robust battery life and quick pairing with a range of devices, not limited to Samsung’s lineup. While AirPods integrate seamlessly with Apple’s ecosystem, the Galaxy Buds assert themselves as a versatile contender, available without the wait and at a price that challenges Apple’s market hold.

Is the Airpod expensive?


Apple is one of the tech giants and they have a good fan base for every Apple product including their iPhone series and other accessories. These products are not only more expensive to buy than competitors, but they are also of the best quality!

So, If you are looking for quality and durability then I guess you will need to pay more to have such luxuries. However, if you do some research you should be able to score a good deal on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, catch, and Phonebot. You can buy these for much cheaper compared to the RRP here.

Apple devices are way more expensive than similar products from different manufacturers because people have gotten to relate the Apple product with quality and so these fans are ready to pay extra for the privilege of having to own an Apple device.

Because people are more interested in quality and are ready to pay more, Apple intentionally raises the price to a level that will not collapse their market. The fact is, Apple Airpods Australia is much less expensive as opposed to what is sold for in other countries and the quality is the same everywhere. This is one of the reasons the tiny device is selling rocket fast and people are happy to pay for quality in Australia.

Should I buy Apple AirPods?


Apple is currently selling two different models of the Airpods, mainly the Airpods 2 and the Airpods Pro. If you’re not so bothered that you are paying so much for such a tiny device that you need to charge time and again to get the full functionalities, then I think this Apple device will really be worth your use.

These tiny pieces are super convenient and are very comfortable when placed in your ear. They fit comfortably that sometimes you even forget they are there.

You can use this smart device in moderate activities for instance when you’re on a light jogging, these earbuds don’t fall out but stay put and hangs in there nicely except probably if your ear is shaped differently, then you might experience a bit of discomfort and might fall off now and then.

You can even decide to use just one pod and it will still give the same pleasure and comfort.

The Airpods signal is quite very strong except probably when it’s running out of power.

If you’re the outdoor type and hoping to give this Airpod a try probably you want to use it while doing some workout sessions, you will be surprised how it fits and never fall out

The sound is quite better than the normal earpads you find on the market and the bass is definitely better although not so fantastic.

Is Apple AirPods worth the money?


Considering all the technology that is packed inside these tiny Airpods, you wouldn’t be surprised just at how much this device cost to buy – there is the Lithium battery, infrared sensor, accelerometers including the W1 processor all in one tiny box and not to forget the AirPods driver itself.

In fact, what makes the most difference between the Apple Airpod from other Bluetooth headphones is the W1 processor, it makes the pairing of these headphones easy and also helps to conserve the Airpods battery.

If you’re the type that is not too concerned about audio qualities then the Airpods is something you should try. Users have confirmed that so far the AirPods wireless headphone quality has been great and that the ear device is very comfortable to wear around the ear, however, there have been some complaints from users.

Talking about the Apple Airpods charging, the case for instance is nicely designed with tiny magnetic elements that easily pull the pods in and make it stay put. This allows the pods to get charged every time the device is running low and placed in the shell.

The technology behind the AirPods makes the Bluetooth connect immediately you put them in your ears. It also instantly connect every time you open the charging case when it’s very close to the phone. The technology is so awesome that it can also indicate the battery life on the charging case.

For example, if you pull out the pods with your Bluetooth on, the moment you pull open the lid, an image shows up on the screen showing the battery life of both the pods and the case.

And it instantly disappears when the pod case lid is closed. When you place the pods in your ears, you hear a pleasant tone indicating that the AirPods are connected.

I thought the price wasn’t worth it at first, but my mind has been changed. The overall quality is very impressive. And to all the people who crap on Apple’s prices, these are actually a fair deal.

When the Apple Airpod Australia was first launched, the price was something I felt wasn’t right, I thought it wasn’t worth it at first not until I got used to using the device. The Airpods quality is very impressive and the comfort it offers when its placed in the ears is absolutely relaxing.

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