Exploring Seasonal Work Opportunities Abroad for Beginners

Nowadays, a lot of people are moving from their hometowns to search for more prospective cities. This tendency is increasing per moment. Today, almost every person in the world is of foreign origin, living in the world’s global cities. In many of them, such as Sydney, London, New York, Doha, and Al-Wakrah, migrants make up more than a third of the population, and in some cities, such as Brussels and Dubai, make up more than 50% of the population. The impact of the labor migration on the labor market is ambiguous. On the one hand, this is a good factor that eases the pressure on it. According to the calculation of specialists of the National Sciences’ Academy, in the absence of labor migration, the unemployment rate in the small and economically unstable towns would be higher than now. But the department of these landscapes isn’t ready to deal with its problems. But, at the same time, in the regions of the mass outflow of migrants even now, there is a shortage of usual workers.

The category of work without qualification is waiting for its future employers. This type of job is gaining more and more popularity. The respondents, who took part in the survey, admitted that this work is a real chance to earn a good amount of money, while they can not find a decent job in their hometown. That is why they decide on seasonal work. It is a great option for temporary employment. It recurves around the same time every year and it usually ranges in duration from a few weeks to a few months. Seasonal work is a good chance for those who want to earn an extra income. Getting this money allows you to support yourself, even if you have a full-time position. Moreover, seasonal employment allows you to learn some new skills and work in some new industries. About 23% of the world’s population have been working seasonal jobs and every tenth have decided to continue this type of earning money. Looking at this progress more deeply it can be seen that, among all the countries, the most popular “migration country” is Qatar. The seasonal work is progressing here. Let’s figure out why Qatar is so famous for it. So you ought to prepare your visa, the work permit visa, your resume, and other necessary documents of your personality before searching for the vacancy in Layboard.

How to earn the additional income without input and in a short period in the new landscape?

Qatar is a rich country with a modern, well-developed infrastructure. The main branches of industry are oil and gas extraction, processing, fertilizer production, steelmaking, cement, and many other occupations. That’s why this country suggests many different vacancies, from the office worker to the seasonal officiant at the seashore cafe. Of these two types, the seasonal one is more popular among tourists. Even difficult work doesn’t discourage people. Because they choose the right moment to make it to the country while taking pleasure from the environment. So, what is the time to move on and start thinking about this job? April-May and September-October are the best times to travel. The weather in Qatar will be most pleasant, around +20 ℃. This will allow you to enjoy your business trip. The amount of different jobs with really high salaries will be added to the landscape’s preference list. To  help you choose the best one, we have prepared the most job proposals from the :

1. Barmen

Bartending doesn’t require a formal education, but it is usually one of the highest-paying occupations. Working behind the bar can be difficult because you have to deal with every shift. Also, you have to monitor how much alcohol your customers are drinking.

While formal education isn’t a prerequisite for bartending, mastering the craft often involves learning through experience or attending specialized training courses. The role demands not only an understanding of mixology but also excellent customer service skills, as building rapport with patrons is key. Bartenders need to be adept at multitasking, handling everything from preparing drinks to managing payments, often in a fast-paced environment. To assist in entering this field, job placement for bartenders is available at various institutions. Staying updated on the latest drink trends and being able to recommend beverages to customers adds another layer of expertise to the job. Additionally, a crucial part of bartending is ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment, which includes responsibly refusing service to patrons when necessary.

Annual salary: 13.085 USD

2. Delivery driver

Whether they are national, regional, or local companies – they need driver delivery. If you have a driving license, you can apply for this job. Many companies require no work experience and often offer flexible hours. This job will help you to get on your feet and get the opportunity to move up to a higher-paying position.

Annual salary: 16.918 USD

3. Officiant

This job is well-known in every part of the world. The work takes place in specially equipped salons-food units of vehicles, on the street during the opening hours of summer cafes. The officiant is associated with significant physical exertion, but it is usually well paid.

Annual salary: 12.516 USD

This list of vacancies is just a very small part of its variety. It ranges from the collector of autumn fallen leaves to the bartender at one of the most prestigious restaurants. The range of the salaries varies from the minimal payment (5.163 USD) to the 17. 843 USD. But each of them is needed in special official documents. Without them, you won’t be an employee.

What problems can be faced during the trip? The process of adapting to a new country

Woman tourist passenger getting in to airplane at airport, walking from the terminal to the plane.

Among the main difficulties people, who have worked abroad, faced with the separation from family and their friends (38%), language problems (35%), and difficulties with a new lifestyle (25%). Those who haven’t yet worked are afraid of difficulties in understanding the new job’s rules and the sadness about missing their family. So, what to do about these factors of the new life? Firstly, try to make acquaintances in a foreign country, and prepare presents for your colleagues. Something tasty is a sign of future friendship. And, secondly, give yourself some time. Adaptation isn’t a quick process. We can control much less than we think and want. So, don’t beat yourself up for not doing enough. You are doing pretty well for your conditions.


Summarizing all the information above, it is easy to say about the pluses of seasonal work. It is one of the best variants of the quickest job types. Because it is a great chance to earn enough money in the short term without any special qualifications or a high education. Moreover, it is a perfect variant of getting new skills and improving your English level. But, it is only your choice to change your life in a good way and turn a new page of your life story.

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