5 Ways to Reach Great Popularity on Instagram in a Short Time

Instagram is a community that is growing every day, and the number of monthly users has exceeded a fascinating number measured in billions. According to the estimates of the company Facebook, of which it is an integral part, the Instagram application has become one of the largest and fastest-growing platforms.

Since Instagram affects every aspect of our lives, as well as the lives of over 500 million daily users, it makes us very susceptible to the trends we see on this platform. In other words – anything can be inserted as a good thing (although maybe it is not) on Instagram. Even though it does not promote anything other than photos and videos, it constantly introduces innovations such as stories, reels, and IGTV that allow other people to promote the products they make, their business but most often – their lifestyle.

Instagram has become a place to set trends and completely changed the way companies tailor their marketing strategy. Nowadays, it is much more effective to post your ad on Instagram than to place it on a huge billboard. It is a real marketing shortcut for making a profit, of course, if you know how to use it.

The hardest part is collecting followers organically (for free). You can always try buying followers but it is neither a cost-effective option nor are there great chances that these people will be in your target group. If you want to promote your product or just a lifestyle, you have to learn tricks to get likes and engagements as well as how to connect with your followers. Apply these 5 tips we have prepared for you, and your 15 minutes of fame on Instagram will come quickly.

1. Present Your Content In the Most Creative Way Possible

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It is not enough just to publish a photo for it to provoke the desired reaction. Precisely because a billion users are flooded with 100 billion photos, videos, and advertisements, it is very difficult for your content to come to the surface. That is why you have to be as creative as possible, as witty as possible, and try to make your content something that people will want to share without you asking them to.

Before you design the text, you must first dedicate time to photography because that is what will stop someone from scrolling down their feeds. Then devote your time to a description that will make someone want to read more, to send someone else to read, to follow you. In doing so, the technique that always works is to ask questions that people will answer or invite them to tag people below your post.

2. Use Proper Hashtags

It is important that you research the appropriate hashtags for your site, whether you promote clothing business, jewelry, sports betting (the best online betting sites are ranked at Bookmaker-Expert.com…), or something else.
You may think that it will pay off the most to use universal hashtags but they can be too ‘worn out’ and because of that, your post will be drowned in a sea of posts. That is why it is best to choose the appropriate hashtags that are related to your business. Using hashtags is a proven way to attract new followers.

3. Make a Consistent Schedule of Posts

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You need to stick to a schedule when it comes to posting.

Although it may seem difficult at first to create a long-term content plan, this can only help you because whether you post content regularly or not is a very important criterion. At the same time, when people ‘get hooked’ to your content, they will subconsciously resent you if you do not publish posts as often as they would like.

4. Try Not to Let the Quality of Your Content Drop Over Time

You will run out of ideas over time, which is completely normal – you will be fed up with your own content. But then it is smarter not to publish anything, go to nature, or do whatever it takes to get your inspiration back than to share low-quality content. Your followers will notice it and will not forget you.

Try to post content that will always be on the border between personal and how you want to present yourself on your social networks. As soon as you start losing yourself, you will start losing followers as well.

5. Keep Your Instagram Profile Simple and Understandable

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When your profile is in simple tones and focused on one specific topic, the chances are much higher you will attract followers. That way, the individual follower will easily spot the content, understand its point and make a decision much faster whether he or she is interested in your site or not.

In order for them to make this decision in the fastest possible way, it would be best to place the most important information about your page in your profile bio. This is what people read first when opening your or any other profile. If you have questionable quotes or ambiguous sentences, it will take too much effort for them to understand the point of the page/profile, and they will quickly give up on looking at it.

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