Peony: National Flower of China

The national flower of China is Peony flowers, thick and nicely ruffled, with their ability to beautify the gardens spring after spring for 100 years or more have enough to delight any passionate gardener. Although in other cultures people regard it as a sign of bad luck or shame, in some countries this emblematic flower has become an important cultural tradition. Do not hesitate to discover the various meanings the national flower of China is Peony flower in the language of the flowers before thinking to offer a friend or a close.

Meaning of the Peony 

The peony flower is best known for representing ideas and values, including:

  • Honor, especially for people who honor their families with their success
  • Well-being and wealth
  • Romance and romantic love, with a special emphasis on love between two strangers
  • Beauty in all its senses
  • Modesty and Shame

peony: National Flower of China

National Flower of China Peony

Peony is best known for its scientific name “Peoria”. This indicates only the botanical denomination of its species; the various varieties of peony have different Latin names. The peony takes its name from the character characteristic of the Peacock in Greek mythology, the pupil of the god of medicine “Asclepios”. Zeus would have turned the student into a beautiful flower when he showed more promises than his master and engaged his anger.

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Symbolism of the Peony Flower

Peony has great value in Chinese culture. This beautiful flower is an official emblem of China, it is present in many religious festivals and traditions. It is the flower that was (and still is) the most used in Eastern culture where it is considered a symbol of royalty and honor. The Chinese name Peony could even mean “the most beautiful”.

Curiously, it has, in a way, a sense opposite to that known by Westerners. According to the Greek myth, the nymphs used to hide their naked forms with peonies to protect themselves from prying eyes. This is what would have led to associating the peony flower with modesty and shame during the Victorian era. In the middle Ages, it was considered quite unlucky to collect a peony shrub.

peony: National Flower of China

Facts Peony Flower

As an eternal symbol of honor and wealth in Eastern culture, it is not surprising that this flower has been cultivated in China and Japan for hundreds of years. The plant is mainly reproduced by separating the root masses and sometimes only by sowing, so its reproduction can take years to improve a few more generations.

Some types of peony flowers grow on tall trees with thick stems, while others grow on bushes. They are all compact flowers with many layers of corrugated petals giving it a magnificent luxuriant appearance.

Meaning of the Colors of the Peony Flower

The peony flower can be of different colors. The meaning of each color varies slightly depending on the hue and shade. However, peony flowers have some colors that have very clear meanings, including:

  • The pink: the most romantic of all colors of peony flowers, making it the ideal color for wedding bouquets and table settings.
  • Pale white or pale: this emphasizes the modest aspect of the peony symbolism, making it the best choice to communicate your regret about something you have done to yourself or to someone else.
  • Dark red: this color is the most prized in China and Japan, it is strongly associated with honor and respect. It also symbolizes wealth and prosperity in these cultures.

Characteristics of the Peony Flower

A particular form of peony, called “Peoria herb”, has been on the list of medicinal ingredients of traditional oriental medicine for centuries. It was considered a purifying herb that was used against evil spirits. The doctors specializing in traditional medicine also prescribe it for abdominal pain, problems of urination and general gloominess. Recent scientific tests on compounds found in the best known peony blossoms have been promising in the treatment of mast cell accumulation, severe antibiotic resistant infections and inflammatory responses without a direct cause. However, these results are all related to purified extracts of the plant.

peony: National Flower of China

The Message of the Peony Flower is…

You must always pay attention to what you do to yourself or to others, always try to act honorably and respectfully. Do not be afraid to apologize if you make a mistake, and share your love with others to improve their lives.

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