Roses: National Flower of Bulgaria

Meaning of the Roses

The national flower of Bulgaria is Red Roses. Appearing for the first time 35 million years ago when the world was very different, the magnificent rose resisted to time as a tenacious plant and symbol of many emotions. It is the gently ruffled petals and enchanting perfume that first attracted humans to the thorny bush and still continue. Naturally, there is now a whole language that surrounds the national flower of Bulgaria is Red roses and whose complexity we learn. Before you catch a bouquet at the nearest florist to offer it to a loved one, find out how to add extra meaning by seeing what the “color of rose’s means”.

Roses: National Flower of Bulgaria

White Rose

Let us begin with the symbolism of pure white rose. When you offer one, you show that you enjoy a lasting and strong love between two people. There is no romantic implication inherent in this flower; therefore, also offer it to friends and family. A full bouquet of creamy white roses is perfect to celebrate the purity and innocence of a child. It is this purity that makes it a popular flower for both a wedding and a funeral.

Blue pink and purple pink

Apart from the recent genetically modified plants, the rose cannot produce a blue color. This means that these vibrant blue and violet flowers that you see in florists are all dyed. But that does not distract you from their meaning, which includes:

  • Royal Blood or Royal Driving
  • Reaching the impossible
  • Mystery and rarity
  • Imagination and magical design on life.

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You can dye your roses in purple and blue, even if you do not get the same vibrant shades as the professionals because of the pigments used. A little food coloring added to water penetrates the stem as the rose absorbs water, which dyes the petals after one or two days.


Roses: National Flower of Bulgaria


Pink and red rose

When you get closer to more tender colors, a definite bond is established with passion and romantic love. Each particular shade of red and pink transmits a slightly different romantic message, but it takes a full pink chart just to decipher similar shades. Simply red for passionate and shared love and a clearer pink for a love and relationships that begin. A very pale pink is suitable for the celebration of maternal love, while red roses streaked with white are often used when applying for marriage.

Orange and yellow rose

What color expresses friendship? Take a warm color that is not romantic, such as orange and yellow. These cheery colors remind your friends on a hot summer day and tell them they are expensive, without sending the wrong message. This color family is also popular when offering a gift to a family member. If you know someone who works as hard as possible to achieve a goal, acknowledge his efforts by offering him a golden rose or dark orange. A bright yellow indicates passion out of love, like that to help others or become a star. These bouquets are best to offer to congratulate someone a success or celebrate the birth of a baby.

Roses: National Flower of Bulgaria

Unusual colors

Of course, the trick to dye the flowers in blue and purple also works for other colors. While there are very rare roses that produce very dark red roses, almost black, the black roses are made by hand. In any case, the black rose symbolizes a lost love in popular culture, as well as links with death and mourning. This rose is often found in movies, games and books about vampires. The green and brown roses seem to be made but these colors are in fact quite natural. Green expresses success and new chances while brown is used as a mark of affection towards a man. Some use brown roses as a non-romantic sign of love and affection, especially among the older and younger members of the family.

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