Eagle : National Bird of Russia

National Bird of Russia

The national bird of Russia is an Eagle. Eagle is a large bird of prey belonging to the family Accipitridae.

National Bird of Russia

There are several different genera that are interrelated, with more than 60 species from Africa and Eurasia. In Canada and the United States, there are two species of eagles, three species in Australia and nine species Of South America and Central America.

The national bird of Russia is eagle one of many species of the family Accipitridae.

Russian National Bird

Size and shape

The national bird of Russia is eagle is distinguished from other species by their larger and more powerful formations. Eagles have larger heads than most bird species, and larger and more powerful spikes as well. Most eagle species are larger than others Raptors with only vultures are larger. Wider spreading is evident even in some of the smaller eagle species, such as the eagle walkway, comparable in size to the red-tailed hawk and the common buzzard. The smaller eagle, the snake – South Nicobar, only weighs approximately 1.1 pounds, while the Philippine eagle.

National Bird of Russia

The national bird of Russia is eagle have a wide wingspan.

The National bird of Russia is Eagle or Double-headed Eagle. It belongs to Phylum Chordata a class of Aves, the order of Accipitriformes, the family of Accipitridae and kingdom of Animalia. It is a common name for large birds of prey (victim, target). Approximately diverse kinds of eagles mostly 60 species of eagles are from Eurasia, Nigeria, and Africa.

Russian Eagles birds are strong, large, powerfully built. Hunt and feed on animals and also birds that eat very small insects.

Interesting Facts about Eagle | Bird of Russia

Peak and legs

Eagles, like other birds of prey, have peaks that are large and powerful. # 039; S spike is hooked, allowing meat effectively tears. Eagles also have muscular legs that are especially strong and powerful claws that help them catch their prey. Its strength and musculature allow them to do the quick work of its prey, which includes a variety of small mammals and birds.

The claws of an eagle catch and pierce their prey fairly effectively.


Eagles have above all a very sharp view that allows them to detect prey from long distances. This is because they have large pupils, guaranteeing a minimum amount of diffraction of incoming light. Eagles rely on this excellent vision to find prey from afar so they can fold and attack without being noticed.

Eagles have an excellent view to detect prey.

Do you know White Eagle is the national bird of Poland? 


The main eagle family is Accipitridae, with several subfamilies, genera and species within. The subfamily Buteoninae includes sea eagles, true eagles, and hawks. Martial eagle, steppe eagle, eagle, spotted eagle, spotted eagle, White and bald eagle all belong to this subfamily. The subfamily Circaetinae contains snake eagles such as the Short-toed Eagle, the Serpent-eagle and the snake-eagle bands Madagascar.

[table caption=”Eagle Features” width=”500″]
No., Features, Measures,
1, National Bird, Russia
2, Family, Accipitridae
3,Wingspan,207 cm (6 ft 9 in)
4, Phylum, Chordate
5,Mass Male, 5.95 kg (13.1 lb).
6,Mass Female, 5.95 kg (13.1 lb).
7,Body Length,98.5 cm (3 ft 3 in).

The photo eagle is part of the subfamily Buteoninae.

Habitat and hierarchization

Eagle nests are called nests and are built in the tops of high cliffs or in very tall trees. Most eagle species lay only two eggs at a time, but it is common that the first were born to kill their younger brother. Because female chicks are larger than males, the dominant girl is more often a female. It is very rare for an eagle to interfere with this behavior.

Bird of Russia | Eagle Picture

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