7 Largest Sports Betting Companies In The UK In 2024

Sports betting represents the most profitable part of the gambling industry for players. The reason for that is that you can have much better chances to win by choosing this option. However, it is crucial to be aware of the factors that can affect your winning probability and to have a proper playing approach.

The most important things in sports betting are detailed analysis and proper determination of how much money you will invest. Also, the selection of gambling platform can make a difference. You should always choose those options that are safe and reliable. You can visit where you can find the list of licensed online gambling platforms in the UK.

For many people, popularity of some website is even more important. When you choose a well-known option, you can expect better odds and additional promo features. Here are the biggest sports betting sites in the UK.

1. Coral


This website is available in the UK and Ireland. The first feature that we have to mention is related to their promotion strategy where a new player can get up to 400% of the first payment as free credit. For example, you can pay $5 and get $20 to play a ticket. The terms are quite simple, and only the provided funds will be deducted from the winning amount.

Moreover, it has an excellent selection of games, and the best thing about that is that you can be more flexible. That is especially beneficial for those who prefer more than one sport. There are also promotions for different sports, especially football and horse races.

2. William Hill


This is one of the most popular betting companies in the world, and it is not a rare case that other websites are simply using their odds and offers. There are many excellent features available, starting with the payment processors where you can use all kinds of options like Skrill, PayPal, bank card, and more.

Also, we have to mention that they are known for providing some of the best odds on the market. Besides the standard sports, you can also enjoy various virtual games, and even bet on eSports. The standard promotion is that each new player will receive three times the amount of the first payment as free funds. There are additional features for loyal players as well.

3. Unibet

This is a perfect solution for people who prefer using their mobile phones for sports betting. You can easily handle different categories and research available games. However, the biggest advantage is that you can watch a lot of games in live. This is one of rare platforms that is offering such ability.

It is not only about the entertainment, but also about betting on live events. We all know how important it is to watch a game if you want to bet in live. Other features worth mentioning are high odds, an excellent selection of virtual games, and a decent double bonus for new players.

4. Bet 365


This is one of the best companies in the world, and they are known for providing much more events than any other platform. While there is no way to watch games like with Unibet, they have a unique feature where you can follow the game in live with all of its statistics, which is very helpful in live betting.

Both mobile platforms and website are working perfectly, and this company is licensed in many countries, so you don’t have to worry about restrictions. Other advantages are great customer service, fast payments, and more.

5. Ladbrokes


You can download this platform on both Android and iOS devices, or use a browser edition. Also, we have to mention that you can bet on video games along with many traditional sports. There are virtual games as well, and you can stream live events.

With all these features, it is not a surprise that this is one of the biggest and best platforms in the UK. Even though the promo feature is not as high as it is in many other options, the terms are much easier so you can simply get those 20 pounds to start with some good progressive strategy or hit some surprise.

6. 888 Sport


The only thing missing here that is common to main competitors is video games. On the other side, the biggest pros of using this platform are excellent promo features, an amazing selection of events, and virtual games. Moreover, there is an app available so you can easily choose favorites for every day wherever you are.

7. Bet Victor


The biggest advantage on this site is for new players since they can get up to 60 pounds after making the first payment of only 10 pounds. Another excellent feature is a long list of available sports. Also, you can choose different types of odds, like the US system, decimal, fractions, and more.

The Bottom Line

As we already mentioned, there are many positive sides of choosing only the most popular betting platforms since you can be more secure. Also, the fact is that these companies are capable of providing much better odds.

Moreover, if you are a new player, it can be a good solution to create profiles on each of these popular platforms. The reason for that is related to promo features. In most cases, you can receive at least a double of the amount of your first payment. For example, if you start with 10 pounds, and get a feature of 20 additional pounds, you can use only the free credit to play, or be more flexible by spending money on a couple of favorites.

Furthermore, you can repeat the same approach on each of these website and that will significantly increase your chance to win. In the end, safety is the key feature and the main reason why you should always choose large and well-known companies. The reason is that you will have to share personal data and bank account details, and doing so on some unknown platform could lead to serious problems.

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