Korean Magpie : National Bird of South Korea

National Bird of South Korea

National Bird of South Korea is Korean Magpie. The Korean Magpie is the unofficial National Bird.

Still, it is the most popular among Korean, and its breed extends from China, Korea, to Himalayan regions bordering India, Pakistan, and Nepal. The Korean Magpies are medium-sized birds that are similar to some extent in tone and shape with European Magpies, but they have a softer call tone and are more active than their European counterparts. They are also known as Oriental Magpie, Black-billedMagpie, or Pica Pica sericea. In Korean, Korean Magpies pronounced as “kkachi” and Korean Magpies, though not an official bird of South Korean State, they are the official birds of several South Korean cities and counties.

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Sometimes, National Bird of South Korea which is Korean Magpies are commonly referred by Europeans as Asian Magpies. The bird eats insects and flies, orchards and fruits are also the favorite foods of Korean Magpies. They are known as flycatchers in Asia. The birds are sub-species of a larger species of Magpies. They are mostly blackish in color with white traces in the breast region and white spots in tail and feathers.

[table caption=”Korean Magpie Features” width=”500″]
No., Features, Measures,
1, National Bird, South Korea
2, Rank, Species
3,Wingspan,44–46 cm
4, Phylum, Chordate
5, Mass Male,180 g
6, Mass Female,180 g
7,Body Length,44 – 46 cm

The beak, tail, and claws are dark grayish in color and are smaller than European magpies. There are navy blue pigments and traces in feathers. They have comparatively large feathers and smaller beak. The researchers show that Korean Magpies are a branch of European Magpies and the species date back to 15,000 years.

The birds inhabit in urban areas, and low-altitude mountains, the best place for the breed is the Korean Peninsula. They live in short range areas, they cannot last for longer distances, so they prey and look for food in 20 square miles area.

Interesting facts about magpies

  • It is a folklore in South Korea that if a Korean Magpie chirps at your doorstep, an unexpected guest will visit you that day with a good fortune coming with the guest.
  • Korean Magpies are hunted down for pleasure in South Korea, mostly by farmers to protect agricultural land.
  • Korean Magpies belong to the crow family.
  • They hatch 6-7 eggs per season.
  • The incubation period is averaged 18-19 days.
  • The newly born Korean Magpies are featherless when born.
  • The average life of Korean Magpies is 3-4 years.
  • When caged, they can live up to 7 years.
  • Apart from Korea and Japan, Korean Magpies are quite common in North America, Europe, and North Africa.
  • They are commonly known to be Pica Pica worldwide.
  • Korean Magpies are omnivores, they eat small insects, fruits, vegetables, and human food. Their diet range varies from country to country.
  • The Korean Magpies build large nests on poles, large trees, and in bushes.
  • Some of the Magpies breed at one year, while the average breeding period is two years.
  • The average length of Korean Magpies is 15-30 cm. The average weight is 150 g.
  • A Korean Magpie pair stays with each other for a lifetime, the separation rate is lower than 5% in Korean Magpies.
  • The call is pronounced as mag mag mag or yak yak yak.
  • The speed of flight of Korean Magpie is 14 meter per second.

Korean Magpie Picture

picture of Korean Magpie

Korean Magpie Pics

Korean Magpie Picture

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