Northern Goshawk : National Bird Of North Korea

National Bird Of North Korea

The national bird of North Korea is Northern Goshawk. The Northern Goshawks are found in America and Asia, and according to the limited information from North Korea, it is the unofficial national bird of North Korea. The shape and size of Northern Goshawkare similar to hobbies i.e. eagles and hawks. The bird is sharp and uses its claws and beak to hunt down its prey. They are found in northern mountains with high altitude and cold weather in summers and migrate to southern woodlands and lakes in winters. Northern Goshawks are found in thick forests and hunt down their prey quietly and tactically by moving from perch to perch with a great speed and accuracy, their vision is 10 times stronger than the prey. They feed on small to medium-sized birds, insects, snakes, and mammals, it could be a crow, sparrow, or sometimes rabbits and squirrels, insects, and snakes.

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[table caption=”Northern Goshawk Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,North Korea
3,Wingspan,3-4 feet
5,Mass Male,1 to 3-1/2 pounds
6,Mass Female,1 to 3-1/2 pounds
7,Body Length,19-27 inches

The Northern Goshawks which is the National Bird of North Korea live in nests and cliffs, they lay eggs one time each year in the spring season. The eggs per season may range between 2 to 4 and a bluish white in color with the typical oval shape. The incubation period is 32-38 days. The males are dominant ones and feed the mother during the incubation period after eggs are hatched, male and female feed the young ones. The male and female Northern Goshawks partner each other for life, a typical hunting style is to hover around the prey from a high altitude before diving in to catch it.

The nests are built by females while the male Northern Goshawks prey at the same time. After hatching the eggs, the mother remains with the young ones for 3 weeks to protect them. The Northern Goshawks belong to class Aves and genus Accipiter, their species A. gentilis is same as hawks and eagles. Their binomial name is Accipiter gentilis. They are found in Eur-Asia, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, North America, Gulf, and North Korea. Some modified species are found in Canada.

The body composition is described as large in size, broad and round wings along with secondary feathers for flight with sharp claws. The color composition is dark and grayish, the head is darker than the body, the eyes are yellowish, and there are contrasts of colors in tail and breasts.

Interesting Facts About National Bird Of North Korea:

  • Northern Goshawks are also called stealthy predators, they have qualities of hawks.
  • They live in thick forests and are shy to civilization and humans.
  • Goshawks is derived from English word Goose Hawks, named for their ability to prey on birds.
  • Female Northern Goshawks are bulky and larger in size than males, a common feature of all accipiters, the phenomenon is called reverse sexual size dimorphism.
  • The Siberian Goshawks are different than the standard ones i.e. they are white in color and smaller in size.
  • Northern Goshawks have an interesting feature that they built around 5-8 nests in the same area, it is their defense tactic to protect their offsprings.
  • The average lifespan of Northern Goshawks is 10 years, the oldest one was 17-years old.

Northern Goshawk Picture

picture of Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk Pics

Northern Goshawk Picture

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