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Great Kiskadee : National Bird of Suriname

National Bird of Suriname

National Bird of Suriname is Great Kiskadee. Suriname is a small state that lies in the northern part of Southern America. The geographical location of Suriname is ideal for birds; it is the reason, Suriname is home to thousands of birds species, both permanent and seasonal. Great Kiskadees are mainly the inhabitants of North America and Mexican region. A large species of these birds migrated to Suriname and Caribbean region decades ago. The Great Kiskadees are smaller in size and are abundant in population; they are somewhat larger than a common sparrow and smaller than paradise birds. The birds have multi-colored feathers and dark claws.

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Mostly, the Great Kiskadees have yellow bellies and reddish feathers that cover most of their body. The upper region i.e. head and beak are black in color with white linings. Sometimes, the whole upper part is perfectly halved into black and white coloring. They have a shorter flight range and ability to climb trees with their swift movements back and forth. Their less weight and color protect them from predator snakes, birds, and bird hunters.

How To Identify Great Kiskadee:

National Bird of Suriname is Great Kiskadees which have no crown, a medium-sized tail and a colored neck and wings. Their head region is very similar to common sparrows; they are usually composed of black, white, yellow, and reddish pigments. The birds are human-friendly and are easily found near tourist resorts and hotels near mountains. They live mostly in woodlands with moderate to cold temperature and move to warm regions during extreme winters.

[table caption=”Great Kiskadee Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Suriname
2,Rank,passerine bird
3,Wingspan,21 to 27 cm
5,Mass Male,52 to 68 g
6,Mass Female,52 to 68 g
7,Body Length,21 to 27 cm

Great Kiskadees usually prey on flies, insects, fruits, and sometimes small fish and even tadpoles. They often prey in the air and sometimes catch their prey in the water by diving into the target. Great Kiskadees prey individually as well as in groups. They emit uniquekis-ka-dee sound to attract the nearby insects. In fresh fruit, Banana is their most loved fruit, and the Great Kiskadee often visit feeders to eat a banana. The best way to find Great Kiskadees out there in the woods of Southern America is to remember the Kis-ka-dee sound and look for them near water or banana stock.

Interesting Facts about National Bird of Suriname :

  • Kiskadees are named from their sound that is pronounced as kis-ka-dee.
  • The adult kiskadees are the largest ones in tyrant flycatchers category.
  • Despite the nature of common birds, Great Kiskadees does not hesitate to attack a larger bird if its territory came under threat.
  • The Kiskadees breed living near civilization can eat anything from dog food to cooked human food.
  • They usually hatch 4-6 eggs in each season.
  • The behavior is matched with Kingfishers and Shrikes.
  • The average lifespan of wild Great Kiskadees is 3-4 years. When caged, they can live up to 6 years.
  • They live in thorn-scrub, mountainous areas in tropical woodlands.
  • The incubation period of Great Kiskadees is 16-20 days.

Great Kiskadee Picture

picture of Great Kiskadee

Great Kiskadee Pics

Great Kiskadee Picture

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