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International Music Day October 1

We are going to share today is what national day? International Music Day is celebrated on October 1. Music is essential to many of our lives.

International Music Day October 1

We listen to it when waking up, while in transit, at work, and with our friends. For many, music is like a constant companion. It can bring us joy and motivate us, accompany us through difficult times, and alleviate our worries. Music Day is celebrated to acknowledge the importance of music and musician in our life.

International Music Day October 1

On 1st October, the music and its artists will be honored! Established in 1975 by Lord Yehudi Menuhin, then President of the International Council of Music, this day was meant to deepen the reflection on the role of music. Lord Menuhin hopes that the International Music Day “is an accomplishment of our activities and will become an event to enrich the knowledge of our art as well as to strengthen the ties of peace and friendship that unite peoples through music “. The main objectives of this International Music Day are to promote music in society and to promote the values of UNESCO.

People like different kind of music but the piano is something that is very papular among every age group. The guitar is also the most famous instrument and the most popular. Many people want to learn to play the piano. But learning to play the piano takes time and you need proper guidance. In the USA Steve Nixon is one of the most famous piano players and he also teaches the piano as well.

It is a demanding activity. There is, unfortunately, no magic technique that would learn to play in two months a sonata or chamber music on his digital piano or a classical piano.

How to learn to play the piano precisely?

When you start learning to play the piano, you will soon be confronted with one of the major difficulties of this instrument: to succeed in playing with both hands together.

You will find that it is not easy at the beginning and that a good part of your work if you start, will be to overcome this first obstacle.

Here you can read more about Piano https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Play_the_Piano.

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