You Must Visit These 6 Music Festivals in 2024

Nothing beats a festival for those who can’t get enough live music. It’s thrilling to pack as many gigs as you can into a few days while jamming to your favorite performers and unavoidably to find a few new favorites, whether it’s a huge event held on festival grounds or at venues throughout a city.

Almost all music festivals have made their triumphant returns, and a number of new ones have even begun, with live music basically returning to what it was before the pandemic. Below, we’ve compiled a list of a few music festivals and their lineups that you should be aware of in 2024.

These include notable festivals, regional favorites, newly established festivals, and exceptional, smaller-scale events. While you won’t discover every fest lineup here, you’re bound to uncover some of the coolest ones you’ll want to snag a pass for and go to.

6 Music Festivals to Visit in 2024

1. Noise Pop


From its inception in 1993, when it presented “5 bands for $5” events, Noise Pop has come a long way. Over the years, it has featured a wide range of national artists and assisted in the career launches of local musicians. Nonetheless, the San Francisco institution is making sure to commemorate its 30th anniversary this year.

As usual, performances will take place at various locations throughout the city, with some reunion events and bigger groups like Fidlar performing at their most intimate shows in a while. For residents, it’s a chance to support their vibrant scene, and for tourists, it’s a fantastic way to experience all of the Bay Area’s artistic offerings in a single week.

2. Treefort Music Fest


If you visit Treefort, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the festival and its hometown. By inviting 500+ local, national, and international acts to perform at venues and pop-up stages throughout the mountain town, the community-run festival hopes to draw attention to both emerging artists and Boise’s underappreciated status as a center for the arts.

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Beyond just the music, Treefort offers a wide range of “forts,” from cuisine and wellness to drag and comedy, among many other things, making it a gathering where anyone can feel comfortable. Treefort celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, but the festival will be even bigger in 2024 since a new location will be used to support its expansion.

3. Kilby Block Party


The Kilby Block Party is one of the country’s most popular and rapidly expanding festivals. Even though this will be its fourth incarnation, the festival is expected to be the biggest yet. It was originally held as a block party in 2019 to celebrate Salt Lake City’s beloved and longest-running all-ages venue Kilby Court.

Since then, it has grown to include more days and different locations; the Utah State Fairpark will host it for the first time in 2024. It’s not just the fact that it’s one of Salt Lake City’s biggest live music events that sets it apart; it also emphasizes highlighting the vibrant arts community in the city by featuring a number of local performers and a well-chosen roster in general.

4. Hangout Festival


As always, Hangout Festival is for you if your idea of a music festival involves roller skating by the ocean, volleyball in the sand, and taking leisurely dips in the water as much as it does music festivals. In spring, the pop-centered festival is back for another memorable weekend filled with sunshine.

This year is notable for bringing together a cross-genre lineup of headliners that ought to please everyone. One of the best albums of 2022 was released by SZA, who is making Hangout one of her rare southern headlining appearances of the year.

5. Primavera Sound


You can always count on Primavera Sound to put together one of the top lineups at festivals all around the world. The huge festival, which has multiple editions throughout the world, begins as usual in Barcelona and moves to Madrid the next weekend with the same lineup. Together with several very exciting headlining sets, like Spain’s own Rosala, Kendrick Lamar, and a fully reformed Blur, the lineup is completed by the biggest names in all genres and outstanding up-and-comers.

Primavera Sound Porto takes place in Portugal from June 7–10 with a comparable but condensed lineup, and it will then go to the Americas with a TBA lineup later in the year. Primavera’s long weekends are the only fantasy festival we’d choose to go to halfway across the world for.

6. Tomorrowland


Undoubtedly, one of the best and biggest events in Europe and the entire world is Tomorrowland. The Tomorrowland festivals target people of many nationalities and take place on several continents and nations. The well-known DJs that perform at this festival each year are one of the factors in its popularity. It will take some time to move from one stage to the next because there are so many of them (typically at least 16). Make sure you have a plan of action for getting there if the performers you wish to see overlap or are scheduled back-to-back.

It is difficult to express how enchanted Tomorrowland really is. Everyone needs to have this experience!

Final Thoughts

There you are! All of these events are well-known worldwide, so as soon as tickets go on sale, they are all gone. So keep in mind that you need to get your ticket months in advance if you want to attend a global music festival. After deciding which event you’ll attend, you can use Google to find the ticket page. A lot of excitement is awaiting you in 2024. If you are a music freak and love to experience it live with a lot of people like you, then we have got you covered with the list of the most significant music festivals of 2024. We hope that these events will rejuvenate you to the maximum.

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