32 Interesting facts about Georgia

32 Interesting facts about Georgia

Georgia is the only country with a hundred-year history. His type of traditions and customs, like those of this country, do not exist in any other place and have some very interesting facts about Georgia to know. Georgia is a country where traditions do not change for centuries. Its inhabitants are very different, and local traditions will simply surprise you. Here are some more interesting facts about Georgia.

Interesting facts about Georgia

  • First of all, it should be noted that the Georgians call their country totally different from what other countries name it. Not “Georgia” but “Sakartvelo”. The word comes from the name of the people who lived in the country centuries ago called the Kartvelians. Only between the 17th and 18th century, the name of the country was changed to “Gurdjistan” and later the state adopted the name “Georgia”.
  • If you pay attention when listening to the Georgian language, it is possible to detect a certain similarity with Spanish. No wonder, since in antiquity, Georgia and Spain had a single name of Iberia. And presisamente in this territory of speaking a single language: “the language of the Basques”.
  • Many claim that Ukraine adopted Christianity before Georgia. But this hypothesis is not true! In Christianity he came to Georgia in the year 319. Many still believe that the Georgians are Muslims and in reality it is not like that.
  • If you think that “TV hostility” between Russia and Georgia affects people, you are completely wrong. The Georgians are very hospitable people and they esteem the Russians. It is true that there are people who do not like Russia, but they will never say it in front of a Russian. And if you surprise them by being nice, they may change their minds.
  • The housing situation in Georgia is problematic. Not all Georgians can provide an apartment for their family. So, to this country it is better to go only on vacation.
  • Regarding the colloquial Georgian language, something that is customary for most languages, in this language, in this language there is no: the accent. Instead, it raises the tone of the correct syllable. On the other hand, in the Georgian language there are no capital letters as well as the masculine or feminine gender. Gender is also determined by the tone of the conversation.
  • In the Georgian language it is possible to find a single word with 9 or more consecutive consonants. Thus, in the famous work of Georgia called “The knight wrapped in the skin of a tiger” we come across a word with 11 consonants – ვეფხვთმბრდღვნელი, which is pronounced as vefhvtmbrdgvneli. Difficult, right? Words like these abound.
  • Before pronouncing a Georgian word, it is advisable to make sure that you are going to use the correct tone on the correct syllable. Frequently, people who try to speak Georgian, go through embarrassing situations by using the wrong tone, which radically changes the meaning of the word.
  • With numbers in Georgia it is not as simple as in other countries. The problem is that the numbers between 20 and 100 are called dividing by twenty, plus the result and plus the rest. A notable example is the 44 – two-twenty-four. With the number 78 a little more complicated. It is pronounced “three-twenty-eighteen.”
  • Returning to the Georgian language, there are familiar familiar words where the meaning varies a little to what we are used to. For example, “mother” is defined as “dad”, “grandpa” – “mom”, “dad” or “Babua” is “grandpa”.
  • There is an assumption that the first people on the planet appeared in the territory that is currently Georgia. In 1991, human remains were discovered in the town of Dmanisi, which date from 1 million 770 thousand years ago. These human remains were named Mzia and Zezva.
  • In terms of communication, the Georgian speaks mostly in Georgian and English. The second aims to become the second official language of the country. He is taught in school from first grade. Young people communicate mostly in Georgian. Russian language is not popular in the country. In it, people of the older generation speak. In the mountains you do not know the Russian language at all.
  • In recent years, Georgia has become a more popular destination among tourists and vacationers. All signs and posters are written in Georgian and English. Even the signs of the most remote and unknown towns.
  • The time in this country is different from that of Madrid. It is advanced 3 hours in winter and 2 in summer.
  • If you were visiting and took alcohol in considerable amounts, it is not worth taking the helm. You have the right to call the police, explain the situation and they will take care of transporting your car and you to your home. This service is completely free and legal.
  • In many multi-story buildings in Georgia there are unique elevators which are paid or need a personal key to be used. To be able to use this type of elevators it is necessary to place the required amount of coins in the special slot for it. The descent is free.
  • When arriving in Georgia, one could be astonished with the underwear hanging everywhere. The curiosity is that the inhabitants of Georgia do not dry these garments on their balconies and if it were not their property.
  • Georgia has an unusual tradition of kissing on the cheek. This tradition is followed by all, without exception, when greeting each other when they meet.
  • If you are used to heat and central heating, this country is not very suitable for you. In Georgia, not all houses own it, and in towns and villages they do not even know of its existence. The small traditional stoves are more popular.
  • When visiting, never take off your shoes and do not ask for slippers. In Georgia, this gesture can greatly offend people.
  • At any Georgian party the main person is the one who makes the toasts – tamada. It can not be interrupted. The “toast master” chooses the host of the table among the guests present. It is usually the same owner or a distinguished guest.
  • As is popular knowledge, Georgia is a country, lover of the party. The main tradition is the toasts. Before drinking, it is necessary to listen to all the toasts of the guests of the older generation present in that celebration.

  • In this country, it is a tradition to eat meat by hand. This is believed to give the dish a special flavor. The same goes for the national dish called jinkali. If you choose to eat meat or jinkali using the cutlery, you may misunderstand it.
  • The meat in every Georgian feast is necessarily accompanied by herbs. Which can be basil, coriander, chives or tarragon. The herbs give a unique and unusual flavor.
  • For every Georgian, the family is sacred! The entire nation respects and greatly honors family and friends. It is worth noting that in the family the principal is the father. His word is always the law!
  • The tradition of “stealing the bride” came precisely from Georgia. Often “brides are stolen”, but this is done only with the mutual consent of the groom and the bride herself.
  • Continuing the theme of weddings, it is impossible to refuse the invitation to a wedding. If so, then the one who refuses risks falling into the “black list” of the families. This can start a fight between families with all its consequences.
  • Women are very fortunate with this tradition. At weddings, in Georgia it is obligatory to give gold to the bride. The relatives of the groom, are responsible for putting this tradition into practice. If someone forgets to follow this custom, it will be a very bad experience.
  • The storage of weapons in the country is legal. Practically, in every Georgian home you can find a gun or gun.
  • Funerals in Georgia are a different story. The Georgians accompany the deceased on his last trip through all the streets, villages, houses, etc. Each person who has known the deceased is obliged to attend the funeral and the wake and bring food, money or wine.
  • As we know, Georgia is a country that loves alcoholic beverages. They are very fond of drinking brandy and wine. By the way, in the territory that is now Georgia, the oldest dishes have been found, among which were wine jars.
  • If you decide to hitchhike in Georgia it will be a good idea. Because people are so kind and sociable, any person will take you to your destination, and if necessary, will feed you, give you a drink and even a place to spend the night.

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