Interesting facts about Bulgaria

Interesting facts about Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe , a member of the European Union since January 1 , 2007 . Its capital and most important city is Sofia and also some Interesting facts about Bulgaria  are here. It is bordered on the north by Romania , on the south by Greece and Turkey and on the west by Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia .

1- Rose

در کشور بلغارستان A big number rose. Bulgarians have to say 70 to 85 percent of the world’s raised extract to create the fragrance… If you head to the country rose oil is recommended for souvenirs to bring gifts. the largest producer of roses in Europe and the annual Rose Festival of the country, with parade will be held in the Rose Valley, the festival is 110 years old.

2- Bulgarian Straw Song

Musical Instruments Gardaí’s name is very similar to traditional and famous Bulgarians and easier than Bgpayp or Askatlndyhast straw scrip.

3- No or yes?

Bulgaria is among the few countries where shaking left and right yes average, shaking your head and down means no! This behavior is confusing to many foreigners and tourists, we encourage you not to get confused when you say yes the word “da” pronounce.

4- Cyrillic alphabet

Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet Bulgarian by two monks had been invented, used. Anniversary of the invention of the alphabet in Bulgaria on a holiday.

5- The vestiges of the Roman era in Bulgaria

قدمت Date Bulgaria Go to the last time. You can see many objects from the Roman era in the country… Works such as the Roman Baths of Varna, Sofia ruins and left theater left in Pladyv that works now.

6- Cheese

The best fine cheeses with varied tastes in Bulgaria can, find, the best of them white cheese That of cow’s milk or ewes. Some Bulgarians believe that their country is rooted in making feta cheese and Greek recipe has been stolen…

7- Mountainous

You cannot believe, but Bulgaria mountain Country; Two Balkan mountains and the small mountains of Rile and Paring Rdvph with the sky in the whole country. Balkan Mountains in the north and center of the country and the mountain ranges to the west and south of the country’s Rdvph. Because of these mountains, winter sports like skiing in Bansko in Bulgaria, especially in common.

8- Draw Santa Marta Martenitsi

Bulgarians every year on the first day of March, white and red cotton bracelets with Martnystsy nearby. The group is on their hands until the trees to see the flowers, then Dstnbnd to welcome the spring and to show to hang on the trees. Close white dolls and red trees also used to welcome spring. The ceremony to mark the end of winter is called Santa Marta.

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