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How Can A Wind Damage Claim Lawyer Help You?

You cannot live in a house or operate a business in Florida without expecting wind damage to affect it in some way. Wind damage can be the result of a tornado, hurricane, or any tropical storm that causes wind speeds to exceed 20 miles per hour. You’d be surprised how often wind speeds can increase to this level in Florida.

Think about all the areas of your property that are susceptible to wind damage. You need to worry about your windows, roof, siding, and all the additional features of your property. Any of these areas could get damaged by heavy winds or flying debris that is carried in the air by the winds. When this happens to your property, then your insurance policy should cover the damage.

In addition, wind damage can also coincide with water damage as well. For instance, if heavy winds damaged your roof and caused water leaks to occur from your roof area, then you have both wind damage and water damage to claim. That could result in a substantially higher settlement if your insurance company approves the claim.

Not only will you be compensated for the exterior damage done to your roof, but you’ll also receive compensation for the water damage done to your flooring, ceiling, furniture, walls, and other areas of your home as well. All you need to do is prove to your insurance company that wind damage led to the water damage and that there was nothing you could do about it.

Why You Need a Wind Damage Claim Lawyer


Don’t put too much faith in your insurance company. They are in the business of denying claims because that is how they preserve their income. If you file a wind damage claim with your insurance company, then you need to do it the right way. According to Louis Law Group, you’ll run the risk of having your wind damage claim denied.

The weather reports can certainly verify whether heavy winds existed on the date in which the wind damage occurred. From there, we’ll evaluate the specific damage that was done to your property and determine whether the winds actually did it or not. The cosmetic damages are not really as big of a concern to us. Things like chipped paint or messy landscaping are minor issues that can be remedied easily.

What we’re looking for is structural damage that was caused by the winds. That is the type of damage that is worth thousands of dollars in repair costs. You need to make sure your insurance company pays you the entire value of your claim. If they deny or underpay your claim, then we will negotiate a settlement with them to change their mind. The evidence that we collect during our initial investigation of the claim will help persuade your insurance company to reconsider their position.

Two Types of Wind Damage Protections


Wind damage doesn’t fall under one category. There are two types of wind damage protection that you might have in your insurance policy. The first type of protection is dwelling coverage. It provides protection for the entire structure of your property, including its siding, roof, and windows.

The second type of coverage is personal property coverage. If the winds caused damage to your personal property on the inside or outside of your building, then personal property coverage can pay for the replacement of that property. It is less common for people to have this coverage. But if you’re worried about hurricane-force winds demolishing your home, then you might want to consider getting this coverage.

Possible Deductibles


Most insurance policies will cover potential wind and water damages to your property. When this is the case, then a deductible will be applied. A deductible is paid by yourself before the insurance company steps in to help cover for the associated costs.

Wind and water damage are so common in Florida that insurance companies input specific homeowner deductibles to each policy. Also, these deductibles are specifically tied to such damages.

If your insurance policy happened to have such deductibles, then make sure to get in touch with your agent as these can be modified based on your needs. All you need to do is pick up the phone, dial the number, present yourself, and have the agent review your case and make the appropriate adjustments.

A very important factor when discussing deductibles is the coverage limits. Specifically, in the case of wind damage sustained by powerful winds or even tornados, your homeowner policy will only cover for a specific amount which is determined by your policy.

This is the coverage limits that are calculated based on how much insurance you’re paying. It is calculated at the beginning when first signing the insurance policy, and it is put in place so that the insurance companies don’t pay for huge claims.

You can also review your policy to determine how much coverage you’re eligible in the case of such emergencies. Also, you can either increase or decrease the coverage based on the amount of insurance you’re paying every month.

You can do this by repeating the same step before. Grab the phone, dial the number, and discuss things further with your insurance agent.

Also, there are lots of other things to look out for when purchasing wind or water insurance, and there are various policies that specify which can and cannot be claimed as wind/water damage. This is why it’s important you get in contact with a wind damage claim lawyer.

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