Himalayan Monal: National Bird of Nepal

National Bird of Nepal

The national bird of Nepal is Himalayan Monal.  The Species of this bird includes in family Phasianidae. It is the national bird of the region of Nepal.

Nepal national bird

The national bird of Nepal is about 60cm in length, has a short tail, variegated bird and resistant to the cold, inhabits in the mountains of China between 2500 and 4000 meters of altitude gathered in flocks, solitary, or in group of two or three birds , In a state of fertility on the ground. Its flesh is appreciated as well as its plumage although the truth would not be so crazy as to devour some of these beautiful birds.

The national bird of Nepal male is polygamous and as all faisan is quite combative in mating season that begins in spring. The laying consists of five eggs which are acylated past the 27 or 28 days. Once the shellfish chicks should be taken to a warm dry accommodation and should be “instructed” by chicks of other birds (codronicez or chickens) to learn to eat as they are somewhat hard at first, reach maturity at the second year.

National Bird of Nepal

Interesting Facts about Nepal


It is a large bird, from 64 cm (females) to 72 cm (males) in length; with an approximate weight of 2 to 1.8 kg. It presents colorful colors in the males, while in the females it lacks these.


The male is black in its lower part, blue, green, red, violet (all incredibly metallic) in its upper part, short tail and square reddish brown, the head is green and from which comes a long Crest formed by a group of feathers. The beak is horny and somewhat curved legs very strong and gray.

Do you know Green pheasant is the national bird of Japan?  

The female mottled in black, white and brown basically, the throat is white. It also has a small ridge. Square and short tail, gray legs. Measurements


He usually lives in pairs or in small groups. It flies rare; He prefers to run away from the undergrowth.

[table caption=”Himalayan Monal Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Nepal
3,Wingspan,200–215 cm
5,Mass Male, 2380 grams
6,Mass Female, 2150 grams.
7,Body Length,1.8 – 2.6 ft.


It has a diet basically comprised of roots, bulbs, tubers and insects that it searches by digging in the soil.


It can be fed with compound feed for pheasants, which you may add all kinds of fruits and vegetables, except oily. They can also be supplied with a wide variety of seeds. During the courtship, the male strutters his splendid plumage before the female, who digs a depression under a ledge, to lay eggs, between four and six.

Himalayan Monal Picture

Picture of Himalayan Monal

Himalayan Monal Pics

Himalayan Monal Picture

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