What Is the Fastest Way to Gear Up in Wow Shadowlands?

The famous worldwide game WoW Shadowlands has still been able to maintain the craze amongst many players. This game has been constantly developed since its inception with new updates and features to keep the interest of the players in the game. The game is quite interesting and very competitive when it comes to taking part in world raids and defeating the boss.

If you are playing this game, you should focus on building your hero and making it more powerful by leveling up and equipping them with powerful gear and items. Leveling up in WoW Shadowlands can take a lot of time, especially with a weak character. You can avail of game boosting services to quickly level up your hero and play missions and challenges with ease. Visit to avail game boosting services at affordable rates with the complete safety of your account.

1. The Covenant


One of the best and fastest ways to gear up in WoW Shadowland is through the covenant. The covenant system can help you to obtain special armor, cloaks, and weapons with the ability to replace your appearance as per your choice. Once you achieve the Renown feature, you will get the option to unlock a campaign. On completion of this campaign, your gear level can rise to level 190.

This is one of the most effective methods to get more resources and level up in WoW Shadowland. To level up even higher, you can combine this with the player vs. player option to increase your gear level at least up to 197 or higher. If you also finish the Maw of Torghast challenge, you can receive new tokens that will give you the option to buy high-quality items.

2. Player Vs. Player


The player vs. player feature is another efficient and fastest way to gear up in WoW Shadowland. Sometimes challenges like Dungeons, Quest world, Renown, and the rest of other missions can become quite difficult to clear. These challenges can be quite difficult to get through, especially if you don’t have enough resources or you are on a low level.

The Just for Honour feature in the player vs. player feature gives you the perfect opportunity to get more leveling points to reach your gear up to level 160. You can also level up your gear and items up to level 190. If you are looking to obtain more powerful gear items, you must combine the player vs. player feature with other challenges and missions. It is an easy way to gear up faster just by playing the Battleground mode.

3. Complete missions and challenges

Completing missions and challenges is the most recommended option to gear up faster in WoW Shadowlands by most players. Missions and challenges can be quite difficult to complete and might take a few chances to clear each level, but you will level up faster after completing each mission. These missions and challenges include dungeons, Quest world, Fighting with the boss, taking part in boss raids, and other challenges you will find in the standard model in the game.

If you successfully kill a boss, you will receive an item on reaching level 207. You can also gear up with items up to level 210 by completing mythic dungeons. You can also obtain gear items up to level 200 from time walking dungeons, but it can be quite difficult at first chance. Ensure that your hero level is high enough to play dungeons and other missions.

While you are playing these missions and challenges, you will receive Valor points throughout the game. If you combine mythic dungeons and completed campaigns, you will receive enough Valor points to purchase premium gear. If your hero level reaches level 12, you can easily buy gear and items up to level 220.

4. The Great Vault

Another fastest yet interesting way to gear up faster in WoW Shadowlands is through the Great Vault. This feature of this extension will provide you with the chance to buy premium items and based on your previous performance once a week. Hence you must try to take part in boss raids, defeat more world bosses, complete more dungeons and keep playing other missions and challenges to receive a higher rank.

Reaching a higher score that will help you to obtain better weekly rewards. The item or gear level you will receive from these weekly rewards depends on the difficulty of the missions and challenges you completed throughout the week.

5. Collect Legendries items


Collecting Legendries items is another effective and fastest method to gear up in WoW Shadowland. Collecting Legendary items is not that easy. The difficulty level is quite hard, but it’s also true they can apply special features to your hero and make him more powerful while completing dungeons missions and challenges, world boss raids, etc.

The Maw of Torghast challenge is one of the effective methods to obtain legendary items. When you enter this mode, your complete focus must be on Soul Ash. Soul Ash allows you to obtain items up to level 235, which is quite impressive. Hence, you must try to reach legendary when in the covenant. To craft your items, you will require a lot of gold or a max crafter. This will equip your hero with special powers to help you win missions and challenges easily.

The Bottom-line

These were some fastest ways to gear up in WoW Shadowlands. Gearing up with powerful items is essential to play different missions and challenges in WoW Shadowlands. Without them, you will not have any special power, your armor will not be able to take much damage, and your weapons will not do enough damage. Gearing up with high-level items can be quite difficult, but if you have the skills and play with proper strategy, you will be able to obtain these premium and legendary gear.

You should always try to give your best performance because previous performances are crucial, and playing missions like world boss raids, dungeons with a low hero will become way too difficult for you.

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