How to Gear Up For Raids in Wow Shadowlands

World of Warcraft has been entertaining people and its fans ever since its release more than seventeen years ago. The online multiplayer video game was launched in 2004 and it was quick to take over the world. WoW is considered as one of the most critically acclaimed video games ever created, and it has a fanbase of millions of players from all over the world.

The developers have been on their feet ever since the release of the first installment of the game and are to be credited for its massive success. The gaming universe has been expanded over nine times over the past years, with the latest extension being WoW: Shadowlands, which was released in 2024.

The WoW universe is very vast and it can sometimes become hard for some players to complete their various tasks and finish the respective levels. To help such players, WoW allows them to use third-party applications and modifications in their avatars and characters. These websites provide users with modifications and additional level ups and help them finish the game before the other players. For additional information, players and users can find WoW Boost.

Raids are a part of almost every extension in the WoW universe, and the same can be found in Shadowlands as well. Raids are an excellent way of increasing the characters’ levels and forming a strategy, along with the opportunity to gain some cool artifacts. It, therefore, becomes very important for all players to gear up properly to do the raids properly. The following list lets the players and users know the same and can come in handy for everyone.

Normal Levels


The WoW universe has returned to its basic versions in Shadowlands as it has removed all exotic and rare items and artifacts from the course of the game, and have compacted them into the various loot boxes generated in the various raids.

These raids can be accessed anytime once the player reaches the game Level 60. Upon completing Level 60, players are allowed to raid the various dungeons, which are the homes of the notorious villains and ferocious beasts. Defeating these provides the users with a loot box, which contains various randomly generated drops items.

Heroic and mythic levels

These can be accessed by the players upon the completion of game Level 158 and contain higher difficulty level raids. To gear up for these raids, players need to complete daily quests and finish off the dungeons present in the world of Shadowlands.

Moreover, these can be time based, and available only for a small period of time. Players need to keep on checking the raids and their gear during the peak seasons, such as Halloween and the holiday season around New Year’s Day, when the peak of players is the maximum and the developers roll out new features.

Mythic Plus Raids


These raids are a team effort. Players are randomly put in different teams, which usually contain 5 to 20 people, and they have to perform a task collectively. The labor is well distributed amongst the players and the members of the team and the levels are time bound. The Korthia Gear available at Level 200 and beyond is a brilliant option for players, which can be bought from the game’s in-app store, or can be collected from a drop box. This gear is excessively beneficial for the players, as it upgrades the players’ game levels and skills.

The tasks of Mythic Plus are generated daily, weekly and monthly, and can be completed by the players as per their convenience. However, most regular players are rewarded additionally for their loyalty and maintaining the streaks. You will gear up at a much faster rate after you defeat the two bosses of the Mythic Plus realm.


The dungeons are also a great way of gearing up for the actual raids. Raids are usually a collective team effort, and so are the various dungeons of Shadowlands. These dungeons are the homes of ferocious beasts and the brethren of the vivacious villains, which are notorious for their blood thirsty nature. The various clans and classes of players of the game will get different and useful things and artifacts from the loots of these dungeons. For instance, the healers will get additional medicinal drops, which would make their gearing up faster.

Valor Points


These are additional points awarded to the players when they are on levels 184 to 220. These can be collected by your player and character by the completion of tasks provided by your Covenvent or by running and playing the Mythic Plus dungeons. You can exchange your Valor Points in exchange of gears and other important artifacts, and no excessive requirements are required for this.


Crafting is an important skill in the WoW universe and it refers to the procedure of obtaining the best loot boxes and artifacts before you reach Level 60. The items so formed or found would not last long, and vanish after the completion of level 60.

The different professions play a major role in the level and power of the crafting done by them, as different clans are differently equipped.


World of Warcraft is an international online multiplayer video game which was released over seventeen years ago and was quick to take over the world. The game has millions of fans from all across the globe. Gears are an important aspect in the WoW universe as they help players complete their daily tasks. The game, surely, is a work of art and a mixture of finesse with perfection. The loyalty of fans has made it very popular.

However, people, and especially kids, should remember that games are built to relieve the mind off the tensions and pressure of everyday lives. Thereby, they are advised to keep their gaming times to the minimum.

World of Warcraft is now available on all major gaming platforms such as PlayStation and the Xbox.

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