Dhaka : The Capital City Of Bangladesh

Capital City Of Bangladesh

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, surprises the traveler by its enormous cultural legacy, a city rich in traditions. It is necessary to submerge by its streets have impregnated themselves with the aroma and the customs of its smiling people, it is a particularly fascinating capital.

Capital city of Bangladesh :-

Before traveling to this country we must take into account the low sanitary conditions of the same. It is always recommended to go to your health center to get the vaccines of tetanus, salmonella, H1N1 and Hepatitis in addition to taking proper precautions against malaria.

Before traveling to this country you should know that the security of the same is relative. It is not advisable to participate in political demonstrations, in addition you must avoid the mountainous region of Chittagong usually take kidnappings of foreigners and it is not a very recommendable country for the women who travel alone.

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Why Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh :-

Dhaka is located on the banks of the Buriganga River around it is a large commercial activity stalls street food, fruit and a beautiful handicraft which is one of the things that characterizes this country.

The old town retains all its charm, the capital of Bangladesh was once a thriving city for the Moghul trade. This prosperity has been imprinted in its palaces and mosques.

Capital City Of Bangladesh

In the old city we will find the Fortresses or Citadels in Dhaka, it is an old building of 1678.The Ahsan Manzil Palace is a very old palace painted pink dating from 1489. Located in the old town.The Hussain Dalan Mosque, located in the old area is of impressive beauty.

The National Museum, located in the European area of ​​the city “modern city”. In it are true treasures of the history and culture of the country.

Interesting facts about Dhaka :-

In the historical city we also find some interesting buildings of Capital of Bangladesh (Dhaka) like Lalbagh Fort, Chotta Katra temple and a good number of mosques.

If you visit the city around the 19th or 20th of December, do not ask yourself is when there are celebrations of the Sacrifice or Eid al Adha. Butchers take to the streets for 4 days early in the morning with large knives to sacrifice cows and lambs. Imagine if you have no record of this celebration, this image will be scary.

To the north is the European quarter containing the Banga Bhavan, the presidential palace, several parks and the Dhakeswari temple. , There is also the Buddhist Monastery Dharmarajika, located in Kamalapur contains a thousand-year-old black stone buddha.

In Mirpur Road, Dhaka City which is the Capital of Bangladesh we find the New Market is a flea market that will delight the visitor at very cheap prices sure that you will find your ideal souvenirs.

Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection, located in Armanitola Rd, Dhaka City, is one of the few Catholic Churches that exist in the country.In the European area we find Mainimati Ruins is a millennial Buddhist temple that still retains a great beauty.

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