Nassau : The Capital City of Bahamas

The Capital City of Bahamas

The capital City of Bahamas is Nassau, it is located on the island of New Providence, neighboring Paradise Island, and is comparatively modern and ancient at the same time. This pair of islands maintains a unique blend of 21st century glamour, old world charm and tropical relaxation, and gives tourists the freedom to do anything, or just relax and do nothing at all.

Capital city of Bahamas

Step into the historic heart of capital of Bahamas (Nassau) and discover that this bustling commercial hub retains much of its heritage and colonial charm. You can admire the Georgian architecture, offices and wooden shops with pastel tones that line the bustling Bay Street; Rent a surrey or horse-drawn carriage and take an idle walk around the old Nassau area while the coachman instructs you about local folklore. Do not miss the numerous ancient, strong enclaves and the hand-carved Staircase of the Queen with its incredible views.

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Why Nassau is Capital of Bahamas

If you want to go back in time until a few centuries ago, stroll through the Pompey Museum and calmly contemplate the exhibition of artifacts, documents and drawings. You will not want to miss the contemporary Bahamian art galleries or the Junkanoo Museum.

If you fancy a bit of activity, the Capital of Bahamas, Nassau offers a variety of sports to entertain the whole family, such as golf, diving, tennis and squash. Thanks to the saving of the duty free is transferred to the buyers of many stores, shopping in Nassau is a pleasure; And those looking to buy local souvenirs will enjoy an exclusive selection at the Straw Market; Or “straw market”; This is the place on the island where you can barter freely and, in fact, you are expected to do so. 

From the indispensable bargains to the unforgettable beaches, take a stroll along the colorful Cable Beach, the ‘Bahaman Riviera’. It is located less than five kilometers west of the city and can easily be reached by bus or taxi. It is a magnificent strip of holiday resorts and homes spread over four kilometers of golden sand. It is also the main focus of the island’s vibrant nightlife with nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, and even a casino, all within walking distance of each other.

The Capital City of Bahamas

Intreating Fatcs about Nassau

Ready to welcome you, just a stone’s throw from Nassau, lies the glamorous Paradise Island. With a width of just over seven kilometers, Paradise Island is connected to Nassau via two bridges. When you look at the beaches on the north shore, the elegant resorts or the championship golf course, it’s hard to believe that it was just an idle island called Hog Island.

Undoubtedly, the island’s main attraction is the 16-acre water park called the 14-acre Atlantis Waterscape, the world’s largest outdoor aquarium, brimming with life with its over 100 species of colorful fish.

Paradise Island is also the starting point for the unforgettable Dolphin Encounter and the exciting Powerboat Adventures.

The fantastic port of capital of Bahamas, Nassau is located on the 33 km long island of New Providence. Guided by little Paradise Island, a strip of almost five kilometers, this protected port has attracted colonists since before the British left Eleuthera to settle in New Providence in the late seventeenth century.

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