Black Panther : National animal of Gabon

National animal of Gabon

Black Panther is national animal of Gabon. It belongs to the family of fields, is a predator, is a variation of several spices of big , belongs to the genus Panthers as well as the Lion , Tiger and Leopard , and all have a cartilaginous Hyoid bone that gives them the ability to roar.

Black Panther National animal of Gabon

Interesting facts about Black Panther


The black panther is nothing more than a jaguar with black pigmentation, which hides its spots. The black color, due to the excess of melanin, the typical marks of these animals are maintained but are hidden. It is a black variation, in which the leopard and the jaguar are mainly identified.

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It is believed that melanism is a favorable evolutionary mutation whenever it occurs in very warm climatic zones and covered with dense forest. For this reason, melano jaguars only abound in the jungles of South America or the Amazon jungle. It is a mammal and a specialized predator; the fangs have highly developed, capable of killing their victims of a bite belong to the family of the felines, present the Hyoid bone with a cartilaginous structure, which allows it to roar.

Black Panther National animal of Gabon

They have retractable nails, which means they can control their nails according to their needs, such as climbing a tree or tearing their prey. They have adapted eyes to see much better than most other animals, both day and night. The ear is able to hear high frequencies, much higher than people hear. It is a solitary animal, come to live between 20 and 25 years and go hunting at night, falling asleep or hidden the rest of the day.


They are carnivorous animals , in their diet hardly includes vegetal substance, they present tendencies of stalking to the prey by surprise. After hunting a prey, they feed by leaving the remains hidden among the branches of the trees to finish eating later; he spends many hours licking his fur in order to remove any trace of scent from his victim, which could scare off the next.

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