5 Things You Should Know Before Attending A Bible College

An option many students have is Bible College. But there are some things you should know before attending your first class. As a matter of fact, you should read about these things before you even decide on going to one.

If Bible College is in your DNA, then this is the article to read regarding the 5 things to know. So with all that said, let’s start.

1. Separate Dorms


The first thing you should know is probably the most important one. We all know how crazy college years can be. From endless partying to meeting new people, it’s the time we all remember the most.

But things are different when attending Bible College. Since the very first time you set foot on campus, you will be directed to a separate dorm for women and men.

Each Christian college has different rules about it, but it’s commonly accepted that men and women should stay in separate dorms. The reasons are obvious and we don’t have to get into why exactly.

Some institutions do break off from this rule, but most stick by it. For special events and holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, the dorms have open hours where everyone can socialize regardless of gender.

The open hours don’t last 24/7 so you better be in your dorms or you might get into trouble.

2. Plenty Of Christianese Songs

Christianese is a term given to songs related to the faith. As one can imagine, plenty of similar songs exist. For students who have grown in Christian homes, these are a regular occurrence. But things might get confusing for some of you who aren’t used to these songs.

As such, feeling excluded is nothing out of the ordinary. Since these songs echo through the halls and throughout campus, you should learn some of them so you don’t feel excluded.
Some of the most popular Christianese songs include “Mighty To Save”, “Amazing Grace”, “1000 Reasons”, “Revelation Song”, and many more.

Apart from songs, you will hear plenty of Christian quotes throughout the hallways of your new campus.

3. You Are Expected To Attend Chapel


In simple words, the chapel is mandatory. This isn’t the rule with every Bible College, but most do expect you to attend chapel on certain days.

These days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they usually last for an hour. What’s even more interesting is that you get rewarded credits for doing so.

Failing to attend chapel might get you in hot waters. After all, attending chapel is the best way to strengthen your love for the faith. Some students might find attending chapel quite boring. But that isn’t the case as most Bible Colleges regularly send guest worships to other colleges.

That way, you can meet new people and hear about their experiences. There are plenty of Bible Colleges and Seminaries out there. If you have trouble finding the best one for you, then make sure to visit

4. You Can Go On Casual Dates

Plenty of people will tell you that dating in Bible College is sinful. While that might be the case, not all forms of dating are. You can absolutely go on casual dates – not every form of dating is sinful.
Casual dates are the best way to meet new people and to be human. While many people will tell you that Bible College has changed a lot through the years and generations, what no one tells you is that everyone goes on casual dates.

The biggest misconception Bible College students have is that going on a date instantly means you’re getting married. This absolutely isn’t the case and you’re encouraged to socialize with the other gender.

5. You Will Discover New Ideas That Challenge Your Beliefs


Going to Bible College doesn’t mean closing your mind to other ideas. Long gone are the days where the church punishes people for having different thoughts such as the Earth being round.
In Bible College, you do learn a normal curriculum with plenty of extra classes that are meant to strengthen your beliefs. But even so, the university will not actively look to punish you if you discover new ideas such as the Earth being millions of years old.

Mainstream views about the Earth and humanity are even openly accepted by the faculty. These statements aren’t controversial and teachers even joke about them during class.

But the misconceptions that you’re supposed to believe everything that the Old Testament teaches simply isn’t true. Go with an open mind and be open to new ideas that challenge your beliefs.

How To Choose the Best One?

With all that out of the way, you should learn how to best approach finding the right Bible College for you. Let’s look at that.

What Is the Best Fit?

What do you hope of getting from Bible College? Do you have a specific plan? Are you hoping of becoming a minister or do you look to simply strengthen your beliefs?
Find what best works for you and you’ll know what Bible College is the best fit for you.

Is Location Important?


Many students look at Bible Colleges further away from their home as it helps them grow as individuals. Being away from home means looking after yourself and turning to God in difficult situations. This strengthens your bond with God and helps you grow as a person.

But not every student looks at colleges further away. Some students have family responsibilities, work responsibilities, and church commitments that make it impossible to attend the college they want.
When that’s the case, you might want to look at colleges that are more flexible with study options. Plenty of universities have online programs that you can do from home.

What Kind Of Degree Are You Pursuing?

Much like the previous point, Bible Colleges are also quite flexible with degree-granting. This means you can attend Bible School and get a degree by taking more courses and finishing sooner.
There are plenty of universities that specialize in doctorates, post-grads, and undergrads. Choose the one based on the type of degree you plan on pursuing.

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